Weirdest thing you ever did or saw in an LD

The weirdest thing I ever did wasI had this giant cannon and I fought a bunch of bugs with 9 legs and the cannon shot flaming used cars.

During my first LD the people had no faces, only a stretch of paper-white skin… It was rather scary actually.

A city was once attacked by a godzilla-sized creature that was part crocodile, part squid, part humanoid creature thing, and part goldfish armed with a giant laser cannon mounted on its back. And it had robotic arms similar to Doctor Octopus’s!!
It was kind of funny though… weird, but funny looking :razz:

the wierdest thing i have ever done in a LD is well. LD dreams are weird in general so… it would have to be that i went and got a tattoo of a frog. then walked around trying to get people to notice that i didnt have any clothes on LOL.

weird thought. when i was a kid. in a LD i would take my clothes off, Every time!! but sometimes they would just keep coming back on right when i took them off!! ugh So annoying.

I once road around a town with giant banana skyscrapers, while parading on a hippopotamus’ back down a street, with giant ants lining the streets praising me. When I got to the end they gave me the key to the city, it was a potato peeler. I think I win. :wink:

Thats creepy :eek:

When I was a kid I had random lucid dreams, but I don’t remember very many of them anymore. One dream I remember in particular was quite odd. I had a bunch of false awakenings and every time the exact same thing happend: I got out of bed and saw this statue sitting in the middle of my room. I paid no attention to it and walked out of my room. The statue started hopping towards me and when it got close I would have another false awakening. After like the 5th time I sat up and looked down and the statue was there. I kept questioning what was going on and I remember waving my hand accross my field of vision and it seemed to move really slowly and everything was like shifting back and forth. I started to think it was a dream so I got up and walked out of my room. The statue started chasing me so I told it to go away and it disapeared then I woke up for real that time.

I’ve had one LD so far. OK so I was spinning and i wasn’t paying attention to where I was supposed to go so I accidentaly teleported into a steel room with police tape on the corners and two talking plastic babies that had red and green symbols on them. Oh, and they made me throw them in order to escape the room. Eventually I got mad and just walked to the wall back to where I was hehe. :content:

In the last LD I had I became lucid in my yard while chasing my dogs. I realize I am dreaming and throw my self on the ground and just start feeling the grass. I just kept rubbing my hands on the grass. Then I smelled the grass. I know that is weird, but it’s not the weirdest one I have read on this topic.

That’s not weird at all. You’re just testing your sense. I do that alot myself, I once (in and LD of course :content: ) looked at the pavement and studied it, rubbing my hands across it to check it was real.

Yeah but the way it happened was funny/weird. Just picture a person diving onto the ground just to study the grass. well maybe it’s just weird/funny to me.

I’ve done that too, but I didn’t smell the grass. Partly to see how it felt, and partly just frolic. My cat was with me, like your dogs were with you. Maybe it’s some way of connecting with them. It’s fun to test things, like eating a fistfull of salt.

I guess I don’t really get to doing that weird things. Digging a hole in the asfalt with my hands and then letting myself sink into the earth felt like a weird thing to do. I ended up In a weird place down there. I guess it’s a little weird to step back and forth in front of a mirror to see how bizarre you are going to look the next time, and that is sooo much fun.
The weirdest scene I can think of must be, that first time I stepped through the mirror, and just befor ethe guy said I’d find nothing but chocolate and… celebrities was it? Anywho, the place is just brownness all around and these cut out paper dolls with cut out pictures of celebrities’ faces dancing in a circle around me. That has stuck with me as… weird.
I love lucid dreams, I was thinking about having one tonight which is why I came here.