Welcome to the new LD4all!!

Enjoy :content:

please press CTRL-F5 NOW to properly reload everything :smile:

Please press CTRL F5 to refresh everything if things don’t look OK…

still tweaking a bit - nearly perfect :smile:

Can’t scroll on all the pages. (Notably, LD4all -> about).

well, any of them in which you need to.

scroll button doesn’t work in firefox, use the scrollbar :smile:

please post other bugs here: ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=105450#105450

Looks cool. suits the dream theme even more than the old design - good job Q :grin:.

I forgot to say: looks cool to me too. Like the colours, rounded corners in the text boxes, etc. :grin:

I just realised - DA’s going to have to change his ava :razz:.

I’ve already said so. Hah!


Looks great, very dream like!
I wanted to comment on certain things, but then I hit ‘refresh’ and now everything is OK :smile:
One thing - I don’t like the rank stars, the outline is too thick.

Edit: Why so wide font? It was easier to read before.

Wrong thread. :content:

Wrong thread? But it’s not a bug, rather an opinion.

Haha @ DA’s Avatar!
Awesome! I love that top part with the white jetting out into the sky! Oh, and one of those kin thingys in the corner!
Neo steals Q’s rainbow stars!

yay, new avatar! :happy:

oh yeah, yay! new forum too

oh and … yay! new website :content:

Very nice. I perfer this new layout to the old one. :cheesy: Great props to pasQuale and all who helped. :cheesy:

rubs her eyes



Wow…this looks nice. :cool:

Heh; I esp like the escape from frames :razz:

Looks very good so far in firefox :smile:

thanks for the compliments :smile: :smile: happy :happy:

don’t forget to press CTRL-F5 to properly load the forum - it might be that fonts look too big and underlined - this should not be -

**** press CTRL-F5 NOW ****