Welcome to the new LD4all!!

What are the “wings” you guys are talking about?

It was the colourful top banner that ld4all used to have.
Q kept a winged theme on the www.ld4all.com page, but when we come directly to the forum we don’t see the wings anymore. :sad:

Okay… um, I guess I just never noticed that. It doesn’t really ring any bells with me.

But dosent the new ld4all button replace the wings?? you click it and you come to the front site…

Yes, there’s the red “Home” link and the LD4all logo. I never really need the main site’s content very quickly so it doesn’t bother me.

Now that the wings are one row, it might just be fine to put them back in the new style, since they take up so much less space? I don’t need them, though.

:peek: NICE!

Good work Q!! :thumbs:

I don’t either but I liked the appearance of the wings at the top of all the pages. :content:

Wow,I have been gone for a few months and come back…WOW! :cool_laugh:
I love the new look! :love:

whats up to all my friends, just wanted to say i miss you guys, i see there’s been alot of changes…
looks good Q… :smile:

Lookin good Q… :ok:

yes, i had a big struggle with the font sizes to get them where i wanted, and then it wasn’t really where i wanted but good enough. So in the future i’ll keep toying around with it until it is what i want.

i’ve been gone a few months, but i really like the new look. it would be nice if there was a button at the top of the main page to quickly access the forum.

I changed the fontsizes - it is now not scalable anymore (unless you use FF :wink: )

you have to press CTRL-F5 on every page to see the smaller fonts.