Welcome to the new LD4all!

Here we are then… not everything is finished mind, so don’t trip over anything.

Wow, this looks really nice, great job Q!

(Am I first? :happy: )

New layout :yay:

Choo boy this new look is spiffy! The new eye bracket window thing (that I mentioned in the other topic) does look better then the old one would.

I prefer how the icons in the forum replace the open closed eyes which is good and all but the change is a good thing.

As with all new stuff it will take a lot of people to get used to the layout, I give myself about a week. But the way the layout is now matches up better to the ld4all.com main page (Or at least how I reemmber the front page :tongue:)

I honestly didn’t think it would be such a big change (I didn’t even think you could retain PHPBB software with any other look then the basic with color changes, shows what I know) but I’m glad it was. It looks great Qu.

Ooh…Kins are in a new place to with the name of them :happy: Awesome.

One of the things I really like is how the author appears right under the name of the thread :happy:

(Lets you know who is making you lose the game faster) :tongue:

:thud: /me trips over a file left on the floor :tongue:

it’s good to see it up and running :yay:

Wow, it looks really great - very good job! :content:

Now the forum design perfectly fits with the website :happy:

woo the quick reply thing is cool. WOOO way to go Q!

It was a bit weird a moment ago. A list of the components of the forum or something, I think. Well I saw a thing called birthdaypopup. something.

wooo yeah!

Q, do I see a 100x100 avatar?

I love the night sky in the background and the huge wings at the index, let me go around and see it better now…

/me gets out of the topic and looks around

EDIT: are there SEVEN stars now? What are the prerequisites for them now?

/me frets

Very nice indeed. Love the new look.

Thank you Q! :grin:

Wow, awsome work on the layout! It reminds of going to sleep :content: Great work!

Awesome, beautiful! Thank you!

The new 100x100 is awesome too :smile: and oooh all the e’s are backwards…oooh…

Amazing layout. :smile: Very beautiful!!! :smile:

:woo: This looks all 3-Dish and fits well with dreaming and stuff like that
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU it will get some getting used to though

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ld4allc/public_html/forum/includes/usercp_register.php on line 1564

in profiles.

Yup definitely not finished :wink:

This… is… amazing… and bigger avs too! :happy: Gonna take a lot of getting used to, but… wow. :happy:

Ah, I don’t know what to think of this just yet. I need some time to adjust :razz: This is huge :happy:

glad you like it everyone :happy:

still tweaking… lots to do.

and 3fold… english/french/dutch :nuu:

well i have made the template for the forum myself, so you can’t get this one anywhere.

wow amazing job Q


i am happy to report that this both loads faster and takes less bandwidth on the phone :cheer:

:grin: Amazing! I really love it. Like Garth said, I didn’t think that it would be this huge of a change, but I’m glad that it was. :spinning:good: bigger avatars).

Ooh, and the bug where you would try to enter a smiley in previously written text by clicking on the smilies on the left, but it would put it at the bottom is gone… :smile:

Thanks, Q, awesome job.

This is really kind of moving to a new house. So strange, but also beautiful and great :content:

And is that thing a viking-ship ? MOAJAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAh (oh, you’ve kept the "caps lock pop up) AHAHAMOAHAHAHa

The viking invasion has made it’s goal :ebil:

/me goes to see if there are some cookies in the new house too