Welcome to the new server :D

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :wink:

we are now on the new server :smile:

:bounce: :bounce: :happy: :happy: :happy:

Welcome everybody!

and thanks again for all the donations, to make this possible!

Welcome back!

i hope you didn’t suffer too much from forum withdrawal :grin:

for the next few days ld4all is only accessible by the IP - in a few days ld4all.com/forum/will work again like normal.

also, please note, you might experience weird login problems now (due to the domainname not being resolved yet).

just keep logging in until you are logged in :grin:

yeah!! weeeee! :happy:


wow, it took me 5 tries but I am logged in!

hooray for <3 minute posts! :cool_laugh:

Oh and Q, about 2 or 3 min after I woke up the forum was bcak up… weirrrd. I think I have a supernatural link with ld4all!

:mrgreen_hat: :clap: :beer:

To help people stay logged on, you can check here:

Also, some of the links in the forum do not link properly since they are pointing to the old server. You may have problems navigating through some of the “BIG topics” or other topics that link to other threads. These should be refeshed in the next couple days.

Yeah great job!! :thumbs:

no Q the long downtime (actually quite short for a server move) wasn’t a problem at all the forum was only down two hours for me - the rest of the time i was in bed :smile:

if the server name resolves in the next 72 hours everything will work ok again :content:

we are now in a temporary zone lol :tongue:

Goes a lot faster, finally :happy:

:content: I had to wait all day until I could see if ld4all was back online, I think I was suffering withdrawal last night! :tongue:

I had to wait 2 days :eek: , the forum went offline yesterday while I was about to post something.

:bored: <- this is what I have looked like all day waiting for the forum to come back online :tongue:

I know how you all feel! :lol:

I just happened to look at my computer the moment Q announced the news in chat. ChicoRaton and I seemed tuned in. :tongue:

:content: YaY!

Maybe next time I’ll be able to donate.
For now, I’ll just be grateful to the rest of you guys and girls for all the donations you made to make this place run faster and better.


lol logged in first time everytime gotta love it. Gr8 Q and there is quite a speed jump even though i am on broodband here i can still see teh diff, when i get back to my 56k lol that should be great.

Great to see it up and running.

oh great! I think the new IP is starting to refresh, that means the ‘staying logged in’ problem should be cleared up soon. :happy:

I notice the forum.ld4all.com works again, and so other things should clear up shortly.

I am not getting topic reply notifications since the change. Is anyone else having this problem?

This has happened to me once before but, it cleared up on its own.

it should now be resolved.

Yea, I think it is working now.

Since the server change the site has not “timed out” on me once when trying to make posts. :clap: :ok:

You could use the remaining donations to advertise ld4all.

she could - you could save it untill the domain needs more ££$$ or you could buy your self a drink on us hehe… well everyone who donated.