Well,THAT was a horrible start to my Lucid Dreaming career

Well, I started with some stuff, like I have a dream Journal by my bed, using the glass trick, etc. But…
Last night I went to bed at about 10:30. I woke up (naturally) at about 4:30. I thought ‘Aha, I can try to LD!’ but, I didn’t fall asleep again! >.>
I had to go to school today horribly tired. Ack…
Because I have trouble sleeping normally can anyone suggest an easy way to fall back asleep easily so I don’t get this kind of situation again?

lol… don’t try WBTB WILD it wil keep you awake the rest of the friggin night if you fail… I know I tried to make my first lucid dream a WBTB WILD last night (what, it SEEMED easier…) and found that I could not fall asleep while passing control of my breathing to my conscious self, or with the suneye method. Suneye method made my eyes hurt heh and both breathing and suneye made me not able to sleep. I even tried drifting off during WILD after i was numb and unmoving for 1 hour 30 mins :bored: to see if that was what i really was supposed to do. Too bad I couldnt. When I finally was sure I was doing it wrong and I couldn’t fall asleep like that I was so frustrated I jerked myself out of numbness and just made myself sleep. Little did I know my first LD would be a very very low quality MILD… I realized I was dreaming after I fell asleep (i don’t remember the dream tho) but got sucked back in (mind too weak and stupid… no WILLPOWER!) so nothing happened. I said to my subconscious in the morning: “Man, That’s not fair, I realized I was dreaming! I DESERVED CONTROL!!”

Anyway I reccomend you do a lot of RCs and do MILDs instead-

-Check if it is a dream a lot
-Before going (back) to sleep, tell yourself you are going to have a lucid dream and remember it, too (yeah i remember nothing so I mix dream recall with MILD) for a while and then stop and go to sleep like normal.

This might be bad information, though- anyone have other tips? And oh you should read the Sticky Posts sometime

Yeah, I read the stickies.

Hmm…so MILD is the way to go?

Ok, I’ll go for that instead.

im trying both for the time (MILD and WILD) i dont think there is a reason to just go with one, as i use to say: always better with to much then to little :smile:
as for the trouble to go back to sleep, download the brain wave generator (BWGEN, search the forum) it might help…

Actually, I hate doing MILD because it makes me feel really uneasy. I think that’s my subconscious’ way of telling me it doesn’t wanna be messed with :eh: , and I find WILD very difficult. I prefer just to do frequent reality checks and such. But whatever floats your boat…

what about DILD ? don’t ask me how that works i never done it. But i’m sure someone here has.

MILD actually works best for me, and I downloaded those sound frequencies and listened to them and wondered how THAT could ever make me sleepy. Instead I’m trying to make a CD with soft music to make me go to sleep and then making the end track one with lots of bang so I know I’m dreaming…

all my LDs (count them: three, extremely low level LDs in which I woke up right on remembering it was a dream) was done with MILDs. Those WILDs make me really mad because I always get numb while doing them and then wait two hours and nothing happens besides numbness. One time a WILD got me so mad that I jerked out of numbness (wasnt SP after all) and gave up. I guess all that two hours of thinking “I’m gonna have an LD!! Gotta stay conscious!” made me set not for WILD but MILD because that night I had my first of three crappy LDs…

What’s funny is my dream recall is almost zero so all I remember is becoming lucid and then waking up… don’t even remember what was around me at all…

So does holding a book on the side of your bed and then dropping it (involuntarily when you fall asleep) make you have a WILD? (or MILD i don’t know…) I haven’t tested it yet… anyone have?

Oh yesterday I had my first half-dream recall with spoons of peanut butter and milk so you might try that…

Xenesis wrote:
Well, I started with some stuff, like I have a dream Journal by my bed, using the glass trick, etc. But…

Can anyone fill me in on what the “glass trick” is?


Glass trick is a trick to remember your dreams.

copy/pasted from the site:

:wiske: Q

Ah that’s a good tip Q!

I should try it to improve my dream recall when I experience a nasty dry spell. :smile: Thanks.

It, and keeping a journal has let me recall and experience dreams for the first time in a few years. :cool_laugh:

I’m quite happy about that. I’m slowly getting the edge I need: Being concious during dreams so I can actually realise I am dreaming. Come here little lucidity, I won’t bite :smile:

Maybe if you practiced quieting your mind and relaxing fully you would find it easier to get back to bed. One of the things I do is focus on my breathing, feel myself getting heavier with each exhale and then when I am relaxed I begin to imagine that I am falling or walking down some stairs. What you want is to feel, as closely as possible, the feeling of falling downward. I have no idea why but this really does help you fall back asleep.

Ive only just started to read up about LD after a couple of random ones.

but heres a suggestion try listening to Darkside of the moon ( Pink Floyd ).
it always gives me wierd dreams, so spotting something wierd might be easier.

AHHHH I keep hearing about this glass trick! would anyone mind telling me what it is. . .? And I’d like to here about your DOSTM dreams. My only experiences with it were under the influence of marijuana. Quite an amazing experience (especially since it was the first time I’d heard it, and my second time trying MJ) but this is about dreams so I will stop talking about it.

I’d type it out again, but I can’t be bothered. It’s on the main site.