well this happed.....

well a few nights ago i was attempting to WILD and after maybe 20 minutes or so i got a dull pain in my feet and then it shot up to my hands(literally shot up my leg threw my body and ended in my hands) and after a few seconds faded away,afterwords i got very close to WILDing so it doesn’t matter a whole lot but it did freak me out and i wonder if anyone’s experienced something like it?

thanks in advance Much Love,

I guess most people call them vibrations; they’re a sign you are getting closer to SP, however you must first reach full paralysis in order to use it to WILD; for some, this means they experience that dull pain on most of the body; some don’t at all; it’s mostly about technique choice, so i hope the one that suits you the best ^^

ok thank you,i did feel a numbness right after i did get extremely close last night but my girlfriend called me just as i was starting to experience HH. :sad: maybe tonight

Actually, you don’t have to reach full paralysis to be able to WILD. In fact, you don’t even need to use SP at all. I’ve never experienced SP before, but I’ve WILD’ed successfully several times (both intentional and unintentional) in the last two weeks.

It IS a possible gateway, though. Let there be no misunderstanding about that.

The vibrations do mean that SP is imminent. They’re the onset symptoms, if you will. They can be coupled with intense vibrations (I’ve had them) throughout your body, but they shouldn’t actually be painful. Numbness is normal, even if SP hasn’t kicked in fully yet.

Yeah, I had that where I feel a jolt go through my body. Its normal, and if you stay focused for a couple more seconds youll be in SP. I like to beleive that the jolt is your body releasing the SP hormone type thing, and its the final test for you to enter SP.
If you stay focused, youll be in SP and in an LD! But really, getting SP to WILD is in my opinion the worst way to.

thanks for the help everyone but @rubiks_cube_man:i was under the assumption that it wasn’t possible to WILD without entering SP,isnt it just a natural part of falling asleep?and isn’t WILD just falling asleep while staying conscious?

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Yes, you have to be in SP to WILD. The thing is, not always you will feel it. Most of my WILD’s I just see HI and enter the LD, without feeling any kind of paralysis. I am in SP nonetheless :smile:

I did not know that… I’ve never got HI either, but shrugs is that different?

nah, :wink: I think everyone’s WILD’s can be a little different and even one dreamer can have different WILD’s from one night to the other.

I’ve WILD’ed with SP and no HI, with HI and no SP, with both… and probably with neither :lol:

Hehe, I thought as much, it just threw me when you said you HAD to be in SP to WILD, and wondered whether it was the same for HI :tongue:

Yeah, I should have said that differently… :shy: