What a messed up dream.. but I didn't realise ;(

I just had the weirdest dream. It was obviously a dream but I didn’t think a single thing was wrong while sleeping. I went to bed last night, and remember waking up at some point this morning and thinking to myself “did I dream or not?” Then before I knew it I was asleep again. Only this time I remember the dream.

The first thing I remember of tonights dream is being in a strange city. It looked similar to a city from a game world I play in online. There were weird characters around. One of them looked like a cartoon duck wearing glasses from a cartoon I watched as a kid. He was carrying a rifle. I said something to him but don’t remember what. Then I remember commenting to a friend beside me that they “should have rifles that cool looking for high level people” … :confused:

Suddenly now we were inside an odd building with loads of cornering hallways and doors. Weird people in suits came out of the doors occassionally but left us alone at first. One of the people I was with walked down one of the hallways with me. Then this weird water spout on a wall sprayed water on her and she couldn’t move. It kept spraying her… apparently I thought this was bad as I ran back to tell another person that I knew was there with me (somebody I know on msn but not in real life) and she was hidden in a wardrobe. The guys in suits starting appearing from doorways and took me into a weird room. I tried fighting them off using a pair of … scissors … (why the fuck didn’t I see this was a dream?!) but couldn’t swing my arms fast enough to hurt them.

Then suddenly I’m inside what looks similar to a large pinball machine. Suddenly i’m no longer in first person view, and see a dream character I don’t recognise jumping around; he has 2 pairs of scissors now and has stuck them into the ground. He is using them to bounce into the air and try to reach a “viewing window” that people are using to look into the machine… For some reason I know this character should be me but my point of view has changed to this window. From here some secretary comes to talk to me and insist it will be okay and i’ll only be there for a few months. At this point i’m also eating grapes from a tub I bought from tesco the other day ?

I start crying saying i’ll miss my family and pretend to have a panic attack and pass out so that they will call an ambulance… I remember thinking that if they did I could hold a paramedic hostage till they let me go (with my scissors of course …).

What annoys me is that I did not get the slightest feeling that anything was weird in this dream. Now I think about it there are so many weird transitions, the inability to swing my mighty scissors of doom, weird dream characters appearing from nowhere… why was I unable to recognise this? Is it because this was my first night after wanting to try LD?

Any finally one more question; i’m still pretty tired and i’ve been up 20 minutes. Would now be a good time to try WBTB?

Okay that dream was the longest I remember from last night, but I couldn’t remember the first few dreams. However I just remembered small flashes of them.

One in which I was stood in the village i live in. I was drunk for some reason, then a man pulled up in his car and appeared against the wall next to me claiming he had made a mistake. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he had taken a lot of paracetamol. I asked him a few questions like I usually would (Im a paramedic student) and my recall ends here.

Another brief flash I remember, i’m in a train station similar to the one near my home, and a lot of trains keep pulling in, with a big gruop of people waiting to get on including me. The trains are small so were all rushing to get on and get a seat. Eventually my train arrives and I jump on top of it and through the … “sunroof” (on an effing train :razz:?) and quickly get a seat.

It can be frustrating looking back and seeing an obvious dream-sign that you just accepted when you were dreaming. I have noticed that in the dreams where I realised I was dreaming the Dream-signs weren’t always the most obvious ones.

I have dreamed of being shot and dying: even walking around as a ghost for a bit :razz: and didn’t realise I was dreaming. But one time I realised I was dreaming because it was too quiet :eh: :confused: It doesn’t seem to make sense… :bored:

yeah it sucks but with time you will understand something is wrong and become lucid.
good luck mate [=

yea i remember a dream from last night i was in a mansion (which is weird cause the only person i know in a mansion is hugh hefnor and i dont even really know him) and my whole family along with a few of my friends were there. i blanked for a ssecond and i remember watching a slasher film and it comeing to life then after that it became something like a halo game. after blanking again i was at a table and my mom was feeding us raw meat and without even thinking about it i ate it alot then somehow i figured out my brother had poisioned it so i started to scream and he started crying and ran taking my broken sateboard(which i dont have one) and beating my dog to death and thats when i realised it was a dream and i tried to lucid it but i couldnt and i tried so hard i woke up