what about the first goal for a new Ldreamer ?

I everyone !

I’ve searched for this subject on the forum, but I didn’t find it, so I alow myself to ask a question ;

In order to stay lucid, some told me to have a goal. Ok, I choose to go to the ocean, and It worked a few days ago cause I flew to a beach. But I was wondering ; for a beginner, are there goals that work better than others ? Should it be simple or more complicated than that ? Can you change your goal when you reach it, or waiting to achieve it completely to have another one :confused:

The beach I was on was small and crowded, I didn’t want that one :neutral:

Thanks in advance for your answers :smile:

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Hi, me again :smile:

Goals are good. Having a goal will motivate you to do lucid dreaming and that’s good. Having unreal goals is by my opinion not so good. There’s a learning curve in this lucid dreaming stuff and being true to yourself is what’s gonna bring results.

I believe that everyone should have a goal, but what is your goal should be something you can actually achieve. You mention flying so I guess that’s not so hard for you and it’s not hard for me, I do it in almost every lucid dream, it’s my way to express freedom I feel, but there are dreamers that have trouble flying and if they press on that goal and not achieve it some time they will feel less and less motivated which will make them stop practicing…

I always say that becoming lucid and doing things while lucid are to separate and very different processes and one should distinguish those. So if you don’t have a problem becoming lucid but doing things while lucid then you should look at it as you were a child in this new world you find your self, so baby steps are the steps you should take.

When dreamers become lucid they rush things; oh I wanna fly, I wanna make someone appear, I wanna fly a spaceship, I wanna do this and that… If you become lucid I believe the first thing you should do is to calm yourself and when you do that look around, baby steps. Become aware of the surroundings and take everything in as it is, or as much as you could. Remind yourself again that you are in a dream, then bring your goal in front of you.

Your goal was great by my opinion. You make it simple, normal goal. Achieving that will boost your confidence and later on when you will have more complex goals you will achieve them easier.

What your goal is and how complex it is, it’s on you completely. If you feel that you’ve achieved your goal yes you can move to another one, but making it more complex has it’s one rewards.

It seemed that you achieved a lot here. First of all give yourself credit, be aware that you did achieve something here. All the details you can work out. That’s what I meant when I said making a goal more complex. You did actually find a beach and the ocean but it wasn’t quite what you expected so why not expanding the goal and making it more complex more what you wanted and imagined.

So and this is just for the example, you can try to reach that same beach again in your lucid dream but this time try to “remove” those people from the beach. It’s very easy to do that in a dream, just simple thought in your mind and movement of the hands for physical expression and you can make people disappear if you want to, same goes for making the beach bigger. A little wooden house would be great right?

You’ve build up a base for your goal as I see it. You have that beach now in your mind, you know where it is, how it looks, and you can make out of it whatever you want. By expanding the goal you will put yourself out more, you will expand your boundaries as a dreamer and you will push yourself more.

I bet that you can make something special out of that beach only if you let yourself expand more and more. But if you feel like you need another goal, more meaningful one then you can move on another one… It’s all up to you…

Was to tell everyone that i talk to in my dreams to remind me that i am dreaming if we ever encounter each other again in a future dream.

And it worked, that’s my best tip to become lucid.

One way to fix a crowded beach… create some sharks :grin:

Goals should be flexible and something you feel like you an just change if it isn’t working out.

As far as beginners having flying as their first goal, I don’t see anything wrong with this even though it isn’t a reality thing. If that is something quite exciting for a person, it’s a good goal as it will help keep a person focused on a dream even if it turns out difficult.

If a person has that goal on first and second lucid dream and doesn’t succeed, it’s just a case of then choosing another goal.

It’s impossible to know what another person may find too hard and dreams may even surprise oneself. In my case though I’ve had a lot of LD experience… years and years… I cant fly without an aid. I cant go to the bottom of the ocean either without an aid or I start drowning in my dream. But there are many things others would find complex eg morphing a scary demon into a young non threatening little boy, I did them easily first time.

If you have a goal and do want to achieve it, no matter how much of a beginner you are, the worst thing you probably can do is go and think “this may be too hard” as that will end up making it so. Be free to give it a go as you always can choose another goal next time if it didn’t work out. Don’t get hung up on that you need to complete a goal before choosing another one.