what actually MILD is?

I just read almost all ld4all sections and I just can’t understand what MILD is all about… It seems to be hard to me, or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. I thought that I’ll let myself fall asleep ‘a little’, stop on that, erm… level and just don’t go deeper into sleep.

So i tried to don’t loose consciousness. I felt like it takes plenty of time, but I finally heard some wired sounds like knocking or something like that… but it was also taking a lot of time, so i felt a little nervous and finally just waked up :eh:.

All my LD’s seems to be WILD and i never tried any other methods before that one unsucessfull MILD try. Am I doing something wrong?

WILD isz about falling asleep and stay consious during this process.

MILD is not about staying conscious but only to repeat to yourself that you will LD when you’ll be asleep.

So don’t force on it too much, you don’t need to keep your mind awake when you do MILD, otherwise it would be a WILD… :content:

so I have to let myself fall asleep completely?
but i just don’t remember my ND’s at all… :sad:.
I’m closing my eyes and do WILD or just letting myself fall asleep and don’t dream at all.

OK first thing first : maybe you should try to obtain some decent DR before you try any techniques.

You do dream, as much as anyone else. Try to write down your dreams in the mornig before you do anything else, note every little detail you can remember of. After a few weeks, you should have a better DR.

Then, MILD or WILD might get easier… :content:

Thanks, I’ll read about that :smile:.
omg, i could read BIG MILD topic summary before posting… eh -_-

You’ll find the MILD explanation on the main site www.ld4all.com. Click the yellow button “How”, then choose “MILD”.

MILD is not just repeating to yourself that you’ll have an LD when you’ll be asleep. You could call it to remember the future, you have to put real meaning into the words and be 100% confident that you will remember to recognise that you are dreaming. I read somewhere from some clever guy that you could take a trip to the supermarket for example. When you are at home you are memorising all the things you will have to buy when you get to the supermarket but on the way to it you are thinking something completely else. Then when you get to the shop you remember to recall everything you were going to buy. When you are at home, trying to memorise all the things you will have to buy could be when you are awake telling yourself that you’ll remember to recognise your dream and on your way to the shop is the normal dream going on and when you get to the store and memorise the things you were going to buy is where you become lucid in a dream

I don’t know how you doing WILD , its just like my method to try to do an OBE or Astral Projection.

would the kind of person who can listen in class (if you’re in school) and take a little bit of notes then ace the test/exam without studying be good at MILD? thats what it sounds like.

i cant remember much about stuff from my classes all the time, but during a test it all comes back. how would i get that to happen for LDing?


same way you got stuff from your classes. autosuggestions. you wouldnt have had classwork in your subconcious unless an element of you was asking for it to be there. (although that element could be subconcious too, which might explain if you can’t understand why that happens)

either way, try autosuggestion. when you’re in class, autosuggest as much as you can. hopefully your autosuggestions, due to set and setting, might be integrated into your subconcious a bit easier. (ie use the ‘moments’ as a vessel to sneak your message in)

you could try to think of your dream as a test and prepare for the dream like you were studying for a test

the MILD != autosuggestion thingy is kinda unclear for most of the new guys i think, most of them think MILD is actually just repeating the “tonight i will have a LD” (thats the way i thought of it when i started 2)
MILD is much better than autosuggestion cuz u actively combine memories and an intension.

Like for instance my TV runs like all day and when im playing PC games as well. Sometimes even years later when i see a TV show i can perfectly remember the situation and the GAME (and the mission ^^) i was playing the day i watched that show. So its perfectly linked to the other event.

That’s the trick MILD does, your target is to link common stuff (like certain actions/images/emotions) with the intension to consider being dreaming. Then everytime you experience that situation your subc. will lead you, for instance, to and RC :wink:

You see its a great tech in theory, and once its working properly im sure its the ultimative ‘weapon’ to get LDs at will :wink: (im still working on it, thats why i cant tell you more :tongue:)

Its sure is the ultimate weapon.

When you do MILD and aware , the next thing you know you are in a full-blown lucid dream … Aware that you are dreaming the first step you do in your dream.

At least thats what it does to me. But its not working every time and its usually hard to master.

For those who are interested in the complete description by its author S. LaBerge, you can find it there.

thank you

after reading all the dreams ive written about, ive noticed that all nearly all of them contain something videogame related.

would that be considrered a dream sign? and would telling myself to check if im dreaming whenever something that feels videogame-ish help with LDing?

abslolutely. I would just do a RC often when you are playing computer games and when you try MILD you should tell yourself that the next time you find yourself in a videogame scene you will recognise that you are dreaming and than visualize yourself becoming lucid in a dream by that dreamsign

Good luck for having a ND starting in a videogame (like your the hero of the videogame) and becoming lucid. That would be a great world to visit.

hehe, thats definitively a dream sign! and kind a good one (since its very specific)

As svavarg said many RCs while playing video games should really help to recognize your dream state the next time. Its just important that u dont just like look at your hands for say 2 seconds, then think like “they’re notmal” and return to the game. And thats the problematic thingy, since u cant just turn away from the game randomly. It’s just a matter of “how you do it” :wink:

Anyway good luck :smile:

I think I will do RC next time I play a videogame thats a good technique.