What am I doing wrong?

I have not been anywhere in the same country as lucidity for the past month and a half or so. Why? I still don’t get it. Mimix needs help too. I think he’s about to give up. Any last ditch effort suggestions? I’m sure I’ll master it eventually, because I have many years left. I’m still a teenager. But it’s kind of discouraging. Out of my 30-40 lucid type dreams, not one was high level. -.- I think I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

Hm… there’s nothing wrong with taking a break (no techniques, no dream recording, no reality testing…) for a few days/months, and then going back at it with renewed vigor. Take a break, then read some books to get excited about it again. After your break, concentrate on boosting dream recall and increasing the quality of your nonlucid dreams, then work back on up to progressibely more complicated techniques. I personally tend to go in cycles… lots of dream activity, hardly any, then lots again… good luck.

And I am just comming back from a break of about a month and a half. :smile:

Don’t be discouraged my friends, you WILL get lucid. You just need to be patient. It’s all natural to not being able to get lucid as much as you like it to be. :smile: Take a break and then focus on it later. Don’t stress out too much on it or you will make it even worse.

I’m afraid of my nds though.

30-40!? Oh my. I think I’ve gotten maybe… oh… 50 or so in the last 2 and a half years. All I can tell you is to keep at it. Taking a break will only hinder your progress.

I reckon get more sleep, set alarm to wake you up a few times during the night and that way you should be able to remember more dreams and notice them more often.

During the end of my schooling i was stressed a bit and would wake up a few times during the night, i would get lucid up to 6 times during a working week, the weekends were hard with substances that inhabbit and not much sleep.

Taking a break might hinder progress, austizmo, but I personally have found that if I loose my motivation then simply “keeping at it,” and then not getting any results, only decreases my resolve and (as a result) decreases my yield of lucid dreams more until I find myself not having any and getting frustrated.

I guess the key word is motivation. If you are not having many lucid dreams but you are still motivated, then keep at it. If you are not having any lucid dreams and losing your motivation as a result, then you might need to take a break. If you are getting frustrated or annoyed with your dreamlife, then you are probably not accomplishing anything.

In most cases, simply taking a break for a day or two seems to be enough. Taking a break for a couple months probably will hurt your ability to actually have lucid dreams, it certainly did mine. Even after a couple years of plenty, I find myself starting back at square one. Next time I need a break that big, I will at least try to practice once a week. If I had a good lucid dreaming during one of those days, then my motivation would probably come back real fast. :smile:

I came close to having another lucid dream last night… I realized that there was something different about me and the other dream characters, except I rationalized the whole thing. I came to the conclusion that they were trapped in the Matrix and I was the only one who knew the truth. I swear, I will go crazy if I have just one more Matrix-themed dream! At least I got to run up walls, fly, and perform other superhuman feats…

Trung, I remember you had a problem with using headphones/earphones.

Well, try the cordless ones and use the bwgen preset “LD test” because it seems it works well with everyone! With that preset you’re practically guaranteed a FA or LD! Why not give it a try?

I’ll post more later. Interesting though. I have taken breaks, and I have heard all about this motive, yet still no such luck. Of course I’m never going to give up, I’m just frustrated. I’m going to stick with wild every night from now on, reguardless of how freaky it ends up. It seems to be my only hope as of this point. ^.^ and still not going to use headphones. I try to be subtle about lds in rl. So doing so would raise suspiscion. ^.^

What are these headphones/bwgen??? I like the “practically guaranteed!” I sporadically use the Nova Dreamer now, but it hasn’t seemed to help me much yet.

bwgen is Brainwave generator - lots of info about the program in its thread…

Headphones are headphones (but I use earphones myself) through which I listen to an mp3 created from a bwgen preset… especially ones which induce LD’s…

Practically guaranteed was my reference to a preset called LD TEST which was posted on bwgen.com which features beta wave spikes which make you get more aware while dreaming. Everyone who tried it including myself had either a FA or LD. I had an LD and an FA myself. One person had dozens of them (he used a reality check message background). I’m trying the reality check background tonight too (instead of the watery sound background).

Intrigued. But I’m afraid of the words “brain wave generator”. -.- I’m such a wuss. Thank you though