what are all the types of DC's

ok i was wondering if anyone knew all the new and old types of DC’s. i want to know them all but also this one DC Type keeps coming in my dreams. The kind that changes form in my last dream this DC first looked like a girl with long blue hair then they turned into a man with red hair and a red beard. for now i call this DC the chamelleon i dont know what other power they hold in dreams but they are in mine alot. . . . . . . . . . . if any one can post a list of all types of DC’s here that would be great. also if any one els has seen a chamelleon DC and knows more about them please let me know. if any one see’s any new DC’s you dont think any one else knows tell us all here too. THANKS.

You may be interested in this Testing the realness of DCs

well then i read it all i geuss no one does realy know every type of DC’s. although they have pinpointed some. i will take part in that topic you linked to me here and hope to bring it back to life. thanks so much.