What ARE dream signs??

I know what the general meaning is: An indication which should prompt the would-be lucid dreamer to question his state of being and to determine whether or not he or she is awake or dreaming.
Now, I’m reading the book “A Course on Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge. I finished the first exercise, which was to record 10 dreams in my dream journal. The next exercise was to find dream signs in those dreams (there were 6 types of dream signs, Form, Awareness etc) and to record in the next 10 dreams which dream signs are best suited/most commonly occurring in your dreams.

Now, I haven’t done that yet. I’ve been reading his book “Lucid Dreaming” (S. LaBerge) and I haven’t really touched the Course book yet. However, I feel I have hit a conceptual block in regards to what it is exactly which constitutes a dream sign according to Mr. LaBerge. He does recite an example of all the dream signs, but I cannot see a very clear definition of what it is which makes these things dream signs.

This brings me to a few questions:

  1. What is a dream sign?
  2. How can I use these dream signs in order to achieve a lucid mindset during waking hours?
  3. What really is the POINT of recognizing dream signs?

I apologize if this seems a stupid question but I refuse to go further in the course until I have completed the tasks put before me.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

I’m actually not sure either as the exact definition, but I think the dreamsigns are common themes in your dreams. For example, something happens often in your dreams (people scream at you)/something appears often in your dreams (oranges)/you think of something often in dreams (you think of ways to make mashed potatoes more efficiently) etc etc.

That’d be my thought on dreamsigns, basically occurrences that happen often only in your dreams.

Sorry for the non-professional reply :silent:

Oh, its okay, Fate. I haven’t found a clear definition of what exactly it is that dream signs are. I understand that but how can I determine my dream signs? It confuses me. I did a topic search but I came up with nothing.

To determine your dream signs, I recommend keeping a DJ. I would say about a month or so. Once you’ve got a decent amount of dreams in there, take a look over. Do you see any reoccurring themes, people, actions? Those are your dream signs.

For example, I did this experiment for about a month. After reading over my dreams, I found out that I dreamt about waking up, my family, and school quite often. Those themes are my dream signs. Does that make sense?

Good luck :content: