What are some of your personal dreamsigns? Part II

A huge pitbull threw me to the ground last night. Luckily it only did so to better be able to lick my face. In the morning I remembered I’ve had a similar dream about a dog-attack just two weeks ago, and after consulting my DJ I concluded my subconcious is very fond of friendly dogs tackling me.

This is probably a life-long dreamsign for me, since one of my earliest memories is our neighbor’s German Shepherd attacking me out of tall grass. The memory ends at the second its paws touch my chest, but apparently the rest of the experience has been preserved subconciously. It’s strange how I’ve never noticed this trend before.

Climbing stuff seems to trigger my lucidity. Everything I climb a wall or anything I realize without any reason, as if my mind suddenly realizes how everything is a dream.


Running on all fours. Showing anger.

Hello there!! I’m surprised it took so long for me to come across this forum!! I’m a mod over at indigo society and always active in the LD topics :smile:

I have quite a few dream signs!
#1. Flying (my most common LD)
#2. Getting stung by a bee (this always triggers consciousness in LD as I’ve never been stung by a bee in RL)
#3. Tsunamis/Large Waves
#4. Teeth falling out
#5. Tornados (never seen one in RL)
#6. Playing piano (I’m a pianist in RL, but what triggers consciousness is that the piano is always ‘morphed’ in my LD. Sometimes the top will be missing and the inner strings/soundboard will be exposed, or it will be sitting at an odd angle, or I will play pieces I’ve never played before in RL.)
#7. Communicating with animals
#8. Speaking in foreign languages
#9. Climbing a rocky or muddy mountain
#10. Telekinetic abilities

  1. Pokémon! :wink: :content: ,
  2. My Brother, couldn’t work with that :razz:,
  3. Halloween :cry: ,
  4. My old childhood friends. big dream sign there!

And that’s basicly it for my own mains. :wiske:

Many similar dream signs posted here:

  1. Tornadoes (have had literally hundreds and hundreds of tornado dreams)
  2. Walking as if on the moon…big giant floaty steps.
  3. Light switches not working properly
  4. Breathing underwater
  5. Looking at hands and seeing fingertips disappear…or seeing fingers grow into cartoonish proportions
  6. Strange other-worldly DC’s
  7. Being able to play an instrument preternaturally well (NOT…a good musician :tongue: )
  8. Flying
  9. Numbers on clocks, words on signs shifting when you look away and look back
  10. Just a general suspicion that I am dreaming is usually a pretty good indication that I am dreaming in actuality. :happy:

Here are some of mine:

  • Things multiplying
  • Computers not functioning properly (and/or computer interfaces overlaid on the world)
  • Not being able to find things I was just using
  • My teeth being really crooked or otherwise weird
  • Feeling like the story I’m in is actually a book or a movie
  • “Knowing” that I have to do some strange task or quest
  • Summer (it’s usually summer in my dreams, I think because I’m warm under the blankets) :smile:

Nightmares. It seems like they are my new dream sign! almost every time i had a nightmare lately, i’d get lucid after thinking “this really sucks! it can’t be happening…”!

my Highschool is often in my dreams actually ,don’t know why tought.

Same. Nightmares are especially common (randomly attack someone, disturbing events happening, dark and unpleasant places etc.)… :bored: :eh:

I used to have lucid dreams more often, but I haven’t been doing too many reality checks lately…but generally what causes me to realize I’m dreaming is that I can’t dial my phone in dreams. Always put in wrong numbers, haha. I also usually have trouble talking, my mouth won’t open and all I can do is mumble. Or I can’t punch people. I’ll go to take a swing and my arm just goes in slow-mo. Though I rarely have dreams where I’m in a fight.

Mine are LD related words and initializations where I probably wouldn’t expect to see them normally. They show up a lot, but I always forget to RC! I suppose my brain’s just mocking me there.

And then there’s my CALD characters. They don’t realize they’re in a dream, either. So much for CALD. :lol:

Well i don’t know if this counts as a dream sign, but in my dreams i am always outdoors. Well not always but 9 out of 10 dreams are outdoors!

My dream signs usually involve a gratuitous amount of spiders. Quite unfortunate, really, as I am actually quite arachnophobic. :sad:

Every time I discover a dream sign it ceases to be a dream sign. When I realized Skyrim was, I stopped dreaming about it. This has happened with some other signs too.

I know that feel bro…

My house, my friends house, drugs, my neighborhood, and sex.

My neighborhood looks so different in dreams than in real life.

I see the village that I had my childhood often.But I didn’t use it as a dreamsign.Those dreams are too realistic I think I can’t see the difference and become lucid.

When I first started gettin into LD my DS were bathrooms, but ever since I realized that was a DS I haven’t dreamt about them.

Houses and beaches seem to be common and lately high bridges seem to be appearing.

i’m always with someone i know, i’m never alone. so whenever i’m in company IRL i do a reality check. and most of my lucids are RCILD. i wish i could simply figure out that i’m dreaming tho, without RC’s. :happy:

This is a split topic, the next part can be found here. :dragon: