What are some of your personal dreamsigns? Part III

[mod] This is part III, previous parts are listed below.
Part II :fly:
Part I :dream:


My best friend from grade school always shows up in my dreams doing both normal as well as uncharacteristic things. I haven’t crunched the numbers but I’d guess he shows up in 60% of all my dreams, and I haven’t seen him in RL in over 10 years.
Yet unfortunately he’s never inspired me to do a RC yet.

Buildings I’m familiar with are very often in different settings or arranged differently.

Lately, my dream sign has been my bike. It randomly appears and I don’t think twice about it, because I’ve been riding my bike everywhere so it’s just normal. So I gotta notice that more.

Feeling weightless, feeling no pain when struck, and the way the air around me feels…Its odd how it works.

I have a few really common dream signs. I often take on multiple perspectives within my dreams. I may be me one moment, a DC another, and then observing from a third party prospective; or any combination thereof.
Often I have dreams where I am using the bathroom.
Also, I have a lot of FA in my own bed, whether I am lucid or non-lucid.
However, these dream signs rarely wake me up in the dream. Usually, I just realize I am dreaming without the dream signs.

Same thing happens to me :sad:

I’m not really sure what my dream signs are, but I think humanized animals has to be one of them. Although I’ve seen normal animals in my dreams, every animal with a main role in the dream (especially if it has dialogue) takes on a human form. Fictional characters and possibly weird electronics glitches are also dream signs for me. Off the top of my head, I can recall three dreams revolving around glitchy video games and none where they actually worked right.

EDIT: From now on, I’m going to make a habit of doing an RC whenever I see video game glitches, electronics malfunctions, or anything else of the sort.

I’m a very short girl, about 4’9". there have been a few encounters in LD that i have looked at the people around me and found myself very tall, which is odd for me. Sometimes I even am tall enough to have to duck to walk through doors

:eh: Whenever I notice that I feel lighter than usual and that the air and temperature are much different. (Its odd somehow I can just sense it)

If dream signs are recurring themes, then fictional characters from series I like, or other references to some game/anime ect. are one of them… a huge amount of my dreams feature them, can be anything from meeting and talking to a character to seeing a picture of them somewhere in the dream. What exact series it is changes, but it’s commonly video games or Homestuck, and sometimes the same one repeats over a period of days… (for a while I had lots of Ace Attorney-related dreams). Only a few of my dreams are completely free from those. So fictional characters in general is the biggest one, I think, especially since this has been true for most of my dreams the last years.

Also, video game worlds or themes. It can be playing a game that I haven’t played(so the dream makes it up) or doesn’t exist, or being in a world that just feels like a 3D platformer game level (with powerups, coins, platforms ect.) even if nothing about games are mentioned.

Being in places I have never been to, or that I have been once but would have no reason to be at the time. Also, when at “my house” or another place I know, it rarely is how the house actually looks like, the room is completely different.

A bunch of my dreams also switch between 1st person and 3rd person perspective at random points, but not sure if this can really be counted as a dream sign, or just something that happens to everyone.

Dreams where i’m falling.

When I have a nightmare, it’s a dreamsign :tongue:.

I’ve noticed I’m driving or a passenger in a car a few times.

Also, I’ve found out that being at conventions (as in anime-gaming-cosplay cons) is something that’s happened quite a few times in my dreams. Sometimes I forget part of a costume (this usually happens when the con is soon and I haven’t finished my costume) and other times I just go around and have fun.

When I am near my old home or in them. Almost always alerts me I don’t know why.

My ex-girlfriend… I still see her alot in reallife to, so i always do reality checks :wink:

[color=green]@ Zan and KorakieThe fiction settings and old houses from my past are pretty good signs I wish I could use more often.

Personal dream sign: seeing two moons or planets…when I was younger I would freak out when I’d see it. It was practically a nightmare, I was freaking out while others remained calm and looked at me as if I had suddenly lost my mind :rofl: Now its a rare RC[/color]

My most common DS is night. Most of my dreams take place at night, but not just a normal night – it’s always a strange, something-is-about-to-happen night. Usually when I look up there are weird lights and things that look like UFO’s. The good thing is that I encounter my DS in WL every day :razz: so I usually do RC’s when I’m walking around during the night, or if I see a plane or something (haven’t seen any UFO’s yet!)

And lately, as my dream recall has been getting better, I’m noticing that the house I used to live in until 3 years ago (I lived there for like 12 years) it’s also a dreamsign. In a dream that’s always still my house, and the level of detail my mind recreates it with is simply amazing.

^ Good idea…Looking up at the sky could be a good RC. I noticed that whenever I look at the sky in an LD something is off. The color of the sky, seeing plannets, seeing people flying, futurustic flying vehicles, etc.

Well, my dreamsign I think is being chased. I had loads of dreams that had me running from someone or something. And the places I end up are always messed up somehow.

Old men. :happy: