What are some of your personal dreamsigns? Part II

This is part II, part I can be found
here :dream:

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I only have stupid dream sign like my hand is looking strange, or I am at my old school.
If I didn’t have natural lucid dreams I nearly wouldn’t have LDs at all…

I am beginning to think my DS is Games.

In the very few dreams recalled in my DJ I’ve mostly had game experiences, please do look at it if you’re interested.

I haven’t had many recalls to say for sure any other DS.

Neptun, that’s the same for me. I dream im in school sometimes but the school is deformed and muddled up.

I’m often having dreams about a swimming pool with green, deep water… o.O

Sometimes it is if my sight is more blurred than it should be .
sometimes i just get lucid (kinda) to save my skin(i.e if i’m in a hail of bullets so i wont get hurt ) sometimes i just realyze it…thats mostly if i use autosuggestion

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sign introduction

Hello,Thise is some lucid dream sign info:lucid Dream signs are quite simply cues that you are dreaming, and are a standard way of inducing lucid dreams. A dream sign can be anything under the sun, from the normal to the abnormal. More often than not dream signs take the form of things or events that would be considered impossible or highly improbable in the waking world. Some examples of dream signs are breathing under water, flying or taking unusually long jumps, oversized/undersized objects or people, and of course purple skies and green cats. Dream signs are also sometimes more subtle: light switches that don’t work (device failure, which is very usual), suddenly returning to work at an old job, being late (also very common), losing the ability to scream, the speech patterns of friends being unusual, and of course arriving somewhere naked. Another very common dream sign is having your teeth fall out—this is often a result of excessive worrying. A personal dream sign that I have is the inability to run—I feel as if I’m wading through waist deep water.

        [b]personal dream sign introduction[/b]

Personal dream signs are dream signs that frequent your own dreams. You may find you often “wake up” without any hair, when the day before it was down to your shoulders; or, you often run out of gas on your way to write a final exam. To determine some of your personal dream signs, you need to actively keep a DJ . After a number of entries have been entered you should go through and examine your dreams and look for recurring elements (situations, environments, people, objects, etc.) Keep in mind that what you’re looking for doesn’t necessarily have to be out of the ordinary—your dream signs may in fact be very ordinary. Of course, it helps if your dream signs are unusual with respect to the real world, for then it will be easier to trigger the analytical part of your brain upon encountering your dream signs. Regardless, you are simply looking for things that are common within your dreams. Become familiar with your personal dream signs and review your dreams over and over that include them. Essentially you should be trying to train yourself to spot your dream signs, which will aid you in your quest to induce lucid dreams

This is my Pre-lucid dream that includes tons of signs I didnt know where there.This is how it goes.

It starts out by me sitting down doing nothing.My friend knocked on my door and gave me a game as a gift.The name of the game was blurry but it had charictors on it.Anyway my friend said bye and I shut the door…Then I started playing the game it was wierd cause the charictors you choose from are items and people like grass and a hammer.then I turned off the game and looked in the back .but there was no info about the game only the same thing that was on the front .So I went to the restroom for no reason and i looked at it again but when i looked at it all on the front cover was a picture of grass.Then I looked in the mirror and and looked my reflection for a second then I said to myself “Wait a minute this is a dream” and when I said that there was a twist of me in the reflection,i couldnt move and suddenly everything started twisting.then I said help.And thats when i woke up.

just trying to add to the info

By observing other people’s DJ’s I can tell that NOT dying is a common dreamsign. They run from something or fall and instead of dying something else happens.

That is right on! I often find myself in all these situations. The teeth thing is also completely right on. Sometimes when I worry about things in general I dream of my teeth turning into sand or something like that, falling off. That makes me even more worried (during the dream).

Personally, I die quite frequently in my dreams. I get shot, fall down, get blown away from explosives, fall from planes, eaten by monsters or animals. The pain feels real too so it’s often a very bad nightmare.

Another common dream sign that I heard from friends and relatives, that I also experience often if I might add, is that elevators crash, or that you fall and fall and fall somewhere but never hit ground.

Interesting post.

Once in a dream, I ran from a nuclear bomb, took cover in an old house not that far away and BAM! I couldn’t see the explosion but I heard it and then I felt the pressure wave ripping me apart, it really hurt and I couldn’t breath.

When I was first LD’ing, People were battling me and i couldnt fight back.I felt the pain and i couldnt breath. Then thats when i wake up

So I’m pretty new here, but after reading through the dream signs page, i realize i have a lot of those common ones. Problem is so far I haven’t been able to actually become lucid as a result of them. They usually feel so real to me, i just think they are.
I’ve had the teeth falling out (very unpleasant and scary), the house looking different, floating/flying.

Cool, I kept reading and I must be getting close because I have lots of false awakenings and telling people of my dreams while I’m dreaming.

I have some dreamsigns now:

  • Space is a big one, space travel in particular. (Though sometimes I’m just in space watching planets).

  • School usually becomes a dreamsign for me at the end of each schoolyear, and it’s really frustrating to start dreaming about failing tests/having to do tests etc. When you’ve finally finished it all.

  • Temper problem, I go way to far with swearing, smashing and hitting people in dreams, afterwards I feel guilty for doing so. I’m always relieved to wake up from such a dream :cool_laugh:

I’m having trouble with dream signs, or maybe I’m just having trouble with the concept.

Otherwise, I have a nice stack of dreams in my dream journal, but there’s really no common or recurring dream sign.

Honestly, how do you figure it out?

Do I really need to include more detail, because as it is my dreams are already at least 1-3 pages long.

  1. funky sideways moving malfunctioning fast dropping levitation inducing elevators

  2. creepscapes - use your imagination

  3. mirrors

  4. driving or walking in the middle of an open highway

  5. inability to move or see

  6. a good joke

-bronzed percalating cheddar pops

I also have a lot of dreams about school although I just graduated and don’t go there anymore.

I just realized half of my recent dreams took place at the same place. It’s a road that I run on every day. Would this be considered a dreamsign?

The only one I can think of is having my mom come in to wake me up and I’m either reading or writing. I bury the book and pencil under the pillow, but when I look, they aren’t there.

I actually just noticed from a dream last night that the lighting often doesn’t match up. IE: It was 9 PM, should be getting dark just after sunset, but it was as bright as noon.

I’ve also had a lot of school dreams over summer or other breaks/holidays. I think that one is pretty common with a lot of people though :tongue:

This remembers me a dream that I have once. It was 3:00 PM and the sun was already set. The sensation was weirder than weird. And the dream seemed so real !

Computer viruses. :hide: Each and every time I use a computer in a dream, it gets infected by a virus. (dream electronics work strangely, and when programs go weird, I look for an explanation, one supplied quickly by the dream antivirus software) :tongue: