What are some of your personal dreamsigns?

Do you have any dreamsigns?

I have only my old school.

Theorically, my dreamsign would be driving a car, cause I’m in my car (*) in most of my ND. But, though I make a lot of RC when driving a car in real life, I never had a LD with that mean.
I wonder if they could be effective and ineffective dreamsigns, and I posted this question somewhere (but perhaps not in this form), but it doesn’t have had a lot of answers.

(*) Siiw, if you read that : No, it’s not a small red car ! :wink:

Dreamsigns are a great way to induce lucidity. Both of the above are also dreamsigns for me because 1. I left school some time ago, so if I find myself at school I know I’m dreaming, and 2. I don’t drive so if I find myself driving it’s also a dream. Another one for me is if I find myself in a high place, like perched on the edge of a cliff or something. I don’t like heights so I would never put myself in this situation while awake. = a dream.

Basilus West: LOL!

I don’t drive IRL, but I have still not become lucid from…being inside the small red car. A dreamsign that works well for me, is being able to see the people on IRC and what they look like. :cool:

Today I wrote down my dream signs. I got 43 in total, but about half of those are ones that only happens about 1/month. I hope that I will get lucid from atleast one of those :grin: I think I have atleast 10 dreamsigns that happen atleast 1/week and I’m sure that I will get atleast 1 dreamsign/night from the list that I have :cool: If I’m lucky I might get several signs at the same time, and I will then have a great chance to recongnice atleast one of them.

And I intend to practice this list during the day because I have put it up on a wall and I walk past the list several times every day.

Before i started to keep dream diary (about half month ago) i had no clue that i dream my childhood home almost every night. So i have taken as my main dream sign before i got to sleep, because i rarely visit this place IRL nowadays. And i must say that it has produced at least 1 lucid moment so far (i have had almost dry month as far as LDs are concerned).

I was driving with some sort of car through the village where i used to live in childhood, and as i looked at my childhood home the thought suddenly came to my mind: “I have seen this scene many-many times already”. So i immedeately became lucid, but unfortunately i messed up in my dream (i thought that i’m trying to dress with a t-shirt while sleeping and it surprised me - it was kinda dream in dream experience), and woke up soon.

I just reallized!!!

My dreamsign may be a lion! I have had an unusual amount of dreams lately that I know had a lion in them, but I did not remeber anything else abotu the dreams.

My most common/noticable dreamsign is one where I’m running but can’t seem to get any traction with the ground, sort of like in Scooby-Doo, but I can move a little bit. My friend says he has this too so I’m not sure if thishappens often when people run in their dreams or not.

My dreamsigns come in bunches. Ill dream about the same thing for a long time and then never again.

Once it was hockey, once it was bears.

Right now its my dad.

Hey dreamers,

Everybody has dreamsigns, a dream is built up out of dreamsigns. Everything, okay, almost evrything is symbolic. These symbols are different for everyone. If I say the word fire, someone connects that to warmth, the other to love and the third to hazardous. Everybody is diffirent in that… So don’t believe in dreamsign ecyclopedia because the symbols and signs are unique


Hmmm… Powerful DutchThor,
I wouldn’t be destroyed by your terrific thunder, but you are (just a little bit… :shy: ) out of topic. Hehe ! :puh:
By dreamsigns, we mean these contents of a dream which are often related with lucidity, thus when you see a dreamsign, you realize that you are dreaming.
For instance, when I dream about UFOs, in a first time, I’m very happy : “Great ! An UFO ! I’ll tell it to all my friends !” :cool_laugh: But after a while I wonder if I’m dreaming or not. :uh:
Dreamsigns are not related anyhow with interpretation. So what are your dreamsigns ?

Well, recently I altered my appereance (much to my dislike). I got glasses (I need to wear them for an eye operation) and I cut my hair (I hate my hair short) but when I DREAM I have long hair and no glasses. I’d say those a pretty good DreamSigns.

Yeah, Well I got several dreamsigns…
my best one is my glasses… I wear lenzes. now… but sometimes I dream I put my glasses on right… and then I realise I’m dreaming…

People I know are far away entering my shop, famous football players at work or school, missing the bus, unknown fish in my aquarium, being in my parents’ house…i have a lot of dreamsigns.

And mine comes in bunches too. It might be a good idea to write down all dreams and catch those waves in the beginning. :cool:

Mine are…Planes crashing, Tornatos, teeth falling out, old friends, parents house,UFO with green lights, and Tunnels, and caves.

My parents’ house
Football (players in unusual places)
Losing my voice (or singing beautifully :cool: )
Seeing ld4all and sealife people in real life
Storms and big waves


I wonder which one will be the most common after some people post in here?

Im starting to notice my dream signs better in dreams, I havnt had a LD triggared by a DS yet, but Ive only been at it for a month. Ive dreamt about the UFO with green lights twice, and the secound time, I told a DC that I had had a dream about the UFO before. I dont know why I didnt become lucid, but its getting easier to notice my DS, in dreams.

Some reocurring dreamsigns for me are:

  • current friends
  • ex-class mates from really long ago
  • hollidays
  • castles and ruines
  • flying and other super abilities
  • forests

Lots more, but just to name a few :smile:

My most common dream signs are:

  • strange facial hair(beards and whatnot, in RL I’m clean shaven)
  • my old schools(my elementary and high schools)

mine are:

  • the moon
  • strangely coloured sky (purple, blue and yellow)
  • can’t reduce the sound volume of the TV
  • my hand is covered with water bubbles
  • looking strange in the mirror
  • dream powers (i’ve had normal dreams where I’m happy to “discover” that I can use dream powers “IRL” :grin: )