What are some of your personal dreamsigns? Part III

Most of my dreams are always funny, I don’t really get the sign-part
In my dream today, I had the odd feeling that I couldn’t move though, almost as if I were frozen, me and my party were attacked by a sort of grey-skinned zombies, but I woke up before they could get me (I woke up knowingly)
but I fell back to sleep and killed them in part two xD,

I’ve been recording my dreams for over a year. i went through my DJ and figured out that 100% of my dreams are never in places that I recognize.
Maybe because I never focus on my surroundings in my WL. I’m always focusing on people, how do they feel, how do they see me, how do i see them, how do i feel, etc. It’s never where am i, what am i doing, etc.
So, basically my DS is my surroundings. - Where am I? What am I doing? that’s how I can figure out if i’m dreaming or not.

I often dream of bears. In the forest, in the city… they can show up just about anywhere. Sometimes they chase me and other times they run from me.

Just noticed this, but throughout the years I often dream of dinosaurs…which is very strange because I really don’t have much of an opinion of them :tongue:

My personal dreamsigns have changed a bit since I first started recording my dreams. They all relate to what I tend to surround myself with in waking life. So at first my older brother (whom I met probably everyday) was very commonly present in my dreams but then he moved abroad and now he is rarely in my dreams at all. Now my mother and little brother are the characters the keep invading my dreams.

However I have one dreamsign that is perennial throughout a lot of my dreams and that is my summerhouse and the area around it. My family has had it since I was 1 and as a kid I spent my entire summers there. IRL, for me it’s a place associated with serenity, happiness, wonderful nature and the absence of worry. I do not know if that is the reason for it’s recurrent appearances in my dreams. In them this place seems to simply act as an environment where all kind of things happen and these events are almost always never relatable to what I in waking life associate with the place.

For some weird reason, trains and trams are dreamsigns of mine. Still trying to find out if it has a meaning, since I think Dreamsigns could have meanings :smile:


Well, I dream about buses, taxis and sometimes cars. I am usually a passanger in the first two and a driver in the cars (even though I can’t do it in real life).

I also noticed that I’m at my grandparent’s house all the time and it looks exactly the same as the real house.

Until last year I would dream A LOT about floods and tsunamis, so I was pretty scared :tongue: but luckly it stopped.

[color=olive] :dark: In my last tsunami dream I recall: I was hovering over the aftermath while a voice was telling me how that there were no survivors and it was all my fault because I couldn’t save anyone. My tension forced me out of that dream. It reminded me of a dark chapter I would read in a Superman comic.

Dream sign: Seeing someone who I haven’t seen around in a good

This is going to would really sad but for me it’s seeing my little brother & sister. I haven’t seen them IRL for years so they are still children in my head… ^^;

My dreams tend to have low gravity or gravity-manipulating contraptions. I tend to not become lucid because flying is so damn cool.

Mine are mirrors. Another one are difficulties of reading.

My younger brother appears a lot in my dreams, at least 2-5 times a week.

Bad weather is a common theme for me, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunder and lightning, and heavy rain.

For bad dreams, lights not working is a very big dream sign as it’s the only time in dreams they fail to work.

Another general sign would be bring in my old homes, particularly the last one which seems to be the most common in dreams, even though I moved out in the late 1990s. I still get school dreams quite often as well.

A lot of times in a dream, I have to pay for something, but when I look in my wallet, there’s something wrong with the money, like, it might be foreign money, or in weird denominations like $30. I know there’s something wrong with the money, but I never seem to connect it with it being a dream.

Hmm, some of my dreamsigns would be weird weather, my grandmother that right now is dead, a DC named Kris that is not too persistent in my dreams but he still is and that’s all I can think about now :meh: .

vivid dreams.

Video game worlds, tearing up at the thought of doom coming over my family, my subconscious taking care of the walking for me, vehicles randomly vanishing as you drive them and car doors being an absolute pain to shut.

Some of my dreamsigns:

  • A game world (one inspired by Guild Wars 2 or WoW seems to appear pretty often although I haven’t played either in a long time)
  • Maps. Maps are way more common; I can almost always see one in my mind if I need to. (I have a habit of mapping areas in my mind. Often, when I think about random stuff, I see a familiar location in my mind that I wander around subconsciously. Maybe it’s part of my memorization system, since my mind returns to the same location when I think about the same thing later on.) Maps can sometimes be used for teleporting.
  • Friends, family and pets that are dead in waking life. Usually they make me lucid.
  • Wandering in cities/surreal, dystopian environments/wilderness. I’ve had lots of dreams where I just observe and move around. I don’t like those. Probably linked to my mind wandering in familiar locations while awake too.

being in a car going somewhere, being around family members…

Really, really big malls, with loads of floors and escalators.
Surroundings from real life being a little unusual, like bridges, ways to random locations appearing or leading to somewhere else than in real life. Often being the same in several dreams.
Surroundings that reappear pretty consistently in several dreams.
The slopes outside my grandparent’s house; sometimes as usual, sometimes altered.
The cafeteria in my old school: often much bigger than in reality, and used by people not connected to the school, and its corridors, just way more complicated to navigate through.
Driving, even though I don’t have a driver’s license (not in the dreams either), basically just hopping in thinking “how hard can it be?”
Having a really hard time lifting my feet from the ground and walking. Very annoying.
Running, for no specific reason, just to get to places faster.