what are some ways of phisically inducing lucid dreams?

Since what happens to your body while you sleep effects your dreams. What are some ways that you could do something; say placing a wet towel, vibration-induced LD, holding something, etc. What are some have you noticed or think would create a dream reaction that would be fairly constant. (without spending lots on a nova dreamer or building one.)


Stephen LaBerge (all hail the lord of dreams :bow:) discovered that vibration is the most effective trigger for LD’s … so if you could get something vibrating on your wrist than that might be a good way to go …
sakoda :om:

what vibrates on your wrist?

don’t know … a watch or a massagging (like this thing who are claimed to massage away fat :razz: )device or a self made contraption…

would placing something on your tounge to taste say peanut butter work?

do you know any good models of timmers and dimmer switches you could get at a hardware store. to shine on your eyelids?

Lol, When I taste peanut butter, I’ll know I’m dreaming…

You have just made my day!


you could some how stick your phone to your wrist and set it to vibrate alarm every 10 minutes or something.

that would be a good idea (sort of :tongue: ), but what if somebody called you? Then, your phone would vibrate at the wrong time! And plus, it would be really uncomfortable.

…promising for the use by many people with a minimum of material … or did i remeber totally wrong … ? :eh:

Just promising: Validity established of DreamLight cues for eliciting lucid dreaming

But in 1988, he was still thinking indeed that vibrations were the best way to induce LD’s (provide the cues were associated with a reality testing action): The problem of induction. :smile:

I’ve always wanted to put my phone under my bed and set a vibrating alarm, but it just keeps vibrating until you switch it off…
My dad’s really good at electronics, and I also know a bit, maybe I could ask him to help me make a vibrating alarm that only activates for 5 seconds :hmmm: