What are spirit guides?

so wat exactly are spirit guides and what do they do are they dead spirits like a guardian angel or something and what do they help u out with changing your the way you are or wat?

Exactly ? :eek: Who knows ?

I would think so.
Have a look at the “Beyond Dreaming/The BIG Spirit guide topic”. You will see the different opinions of everybody.

Tough question :smile: In general, those who believe spirit guides are genuine, reason they are some sort of higher beings who help you on various levels, through the use of dreams. They help you when you’re in danger, they show you how to make difficult decisions irl so you follow the right path, etc… but all this happens mostly in the symbolical language of dreams. Some spirit guides are animals, ancient shamans or fantasy creatures. But they can also be just ordinary DCs. Their shape often correlates with your being and/or the nature of their message to you.
Ofcourse, other people just think they’re just DCs, products of your own imagination. Hence the big discussion :smile:
As Basilus West said, you can find more information about it (and discuss it) in the BIG Spirit Guide Topic - part 2. It can be found here: https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-spirit-guide-topic-part-ii/8327

Yout got several ideas about spirit guides;

  1. The are humans that died and now live in the hereafter.
  2. Its a creation from your own subconsciousness.

But those two are the main stream about it.

Now that you’ve mentioned it… The existence of this type of spirit guides is actually fully explained in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Though the book never mentions the term directly, it explains why these entities (the souls of dead people) exist, how they got there and how they can rescue themselves. Connect this with the dreamworld and you get an intriguing picture :smile: