What are the best techniques for LD's?

Ive tried many times to become Lucid and i have been successful about 5 or more times, but they have only lasted a few seconds. my longest LD is about a minute LOL :smile: .

I want to try LD lengthening techniques but im so caught up in what i was dreaming about i keep forgetting to do it! :grrr: My recent LD lasted longer that any other but i carried on with the dream i was in the middle of and i eventually forgot i was dreaming!! (Extremely frustrating!!!)

Any tips to prolong LDs? And are there ways to have them more frequently? Thanks! :smile: :content: :happy: :grin: :help:

Moved from General Lucidness. :dragon:

but i think WILD cuz you can rely have LD when ever you want:)

For prolonging, dreams, we have Sandra’s guide, plus my guide, but I suggest you read Sandra’s first, since it gathers most of the basic knowledge :smile:

Instead of worrying that your dream is starting to fade, you should simply relax and forget about the fact that the dream is fading. This is actually very effective in stabilizing dreams. Also, try not to become excited when you have an LD. This tends to quickly destabilize it.

Thanks for your help! :content: :smile:

I have only just learnt to stop myself from getting to carried away with excitement and everything so i have to get better on that! And i will read those guides tonight!

Thanks! :grin: :tongue: