What are you listening to at the moment?

I’m curious to see what types of music fellow LDer’s typically listen to.

Feel free to share whatever your listening too (post a link), as well as comment on what others are listening to.

Myself I’m listening to Tool’s 10,000 days at the moment. Such a powerful, emotional song. Honestly, If i was forced to pick a favorite (even though that’s impossible), this might be it:

I listen to weird music. :tongue:

Battles anyone? Anyone?


Those are my favorite songs.

Okami soundtrack. :content:
I love listening to soundtracks of games I’ve already played, it’s sweet memories and cheap thrills, while I’m doing something else :content:

The Album “Blow” from the band Ghinzu.

I´m listning to: Nirvana, Green Day, Billy Talent, Flogging Molly, Blink 182 and Sum 41 :content:
Green Day:
Billy Talent:
youtube.com/watch?v=pDK33zrn … re=related
Flogging Molly:
Blink 182:
Sum 41:

Any fellow rockers? :smile:

Welcome To My Nightmare, Alice Cooper :ebil: .

Opeth- Burden

Also, I wanted to open that topic :tongue:

Here here!
I love battles.

anddddd lets see.
This is my favorite song of all time.

What can I say, I’m just too fast. :puh:

Just listened to battles, its kinda abstract but its unique. I’d say it’s safe to say I like it!

You know it. Rock/Metal is probably my main genre of music I listen to, but I like most anything classic rock, classical, punk, alternative, country, blues etc. Not the biggest fan of most rap or hip hop, and jazz is a meh but I’m pretty open about what I listen to. I’m not a fan of screamo type rock though.

At the moment I’m listening to The Noose, by APC:

Into the Nothing by Breaking Benjamin

The song’s been stuck in my head for days now… :happy: I think it’s just the melody though.

A suggestion:
You could add a poll so we can vote for our favorite genre of music.

Anyhow…I like only a few calm, peaceful songs…this is one of them

Stone sour- zzyzx Rd.

I’ve been listening to this band all the past few days SIRENIA - The Path To Decay.
but I’ll listen to just about anything, but mostly metal and a few sub-genres of hip-hop. :content:

Todays Repeat-material! :cheesy:
edit: + youtube.com/watch?v=Q4aTFs7PvJo


Every song by these guys is phenomenal for WBTB :content:

My favorite composer/songwriter team managed to get one of my favorite artists as a guest vocalist at their most recent concert. Life is good. I actually wasn’t a big fan of this particular song, until I heard that version of it. “My Heart Is Split” from what they called the Freshman Experiment: they had real college freshmen keep a blog, and they made songs from the entries. That means they write less about vapid romance and more about growing pains and finding one’s identity.