what are your 10 favourite topics of the year ?

I have been using this site since the summer but for the rest of the people here I thought it would be good to share what has been your favourite topic on LD4all in 2005 ?

Doesn’t matter if it is a; game, philospher, political, lucid talk, dream journal or any other topic. Just list and give your reasons if you want to.


My poems ! :tongue:

my favourite is
Sticky: what is the 1st dream you remember?

They are all interesting dreams… either LDs, nightmares, recurring dreams or just really out-standing dreams that have made an impact on their young mind at the time.

Mine is Howodd areyou ?

In the gathering .

The playground! … Wait, that isn’t a topic =|

By far… the first topic that comes to mind is the Fantasy RPG thread by Keys and Clocks. I enjoyed that thread thoroughly for as long as it lasted. I loved how each roleplay of each member brought a succeeding interesting piece to the Fantasy story set up in that world. Things really did get interesting in that thread. (I’m thinking of reviving it someday too.)

I’ll post the other threads I liked when I think about them.

I would like to nominate The big Fav thing to do in a LD topic. It is full of inspiration, and reading it makes me really want a LD. It is great for reading while i WBTB. :cool: