What are your Core lucid dream skills?

Give me the honest details/stats of your Lucid Dream Skillz for inspiring an RPG/MOBA! Below is a guide on how to structure them:

Lucid Dream Skills Glossary

(Core skills):
These abilities need to exist in 3 or more recollectable dreams to be considered a valid core skill. They’ll most likely re-occur often in many subsequent dreams, thus, forming your “core” commonly used special abilities which you can use at anytime. These are skills that you often call upon in any type of dream, making it your “staple” set of abilities. It is often skills that come to you often naturally in a dream without much effort.

(Core expertise/knowledge):
This usually involves non-special/supernatural abilities, but mainly expertise/knowledge or a knack for certain things in your dreams. Like in Core skills, they must exist in 3 or more recollectable dreams to be considered a valid core skills.

(Situation skills):
These abilities exist in less than 3 recollectable dreams, and chances are are only skills that were “given” to you at a particular time/situation only, or perhaps, they are just underused. They may also be skills that only work given specific situations only.

(Active) skills require some “will” to activate, and may be able to de-activate within a single dream window/session. THe advantage of this is that you can control when you want it, and when you wish to forego it.

(Passive) skills do not require any activating/deactivating, and is active all the time regardless of your will throughout an entire dream window/session. THis is something that is outside of your control in most situations, but it is also something that you innately have in the dream.

(Given) skills are situational skills that are given to you at a particular time only within a dream session, but is extinguished after a certain among of time within the dream window/session. Again, this is outside of your control.

Caveats often refer to the limittaions/disadvatnages/timing of the skill. Give rough numbers (like in games) to indicate how these skills fare for you. Give a range in order from least favorable to most favorable.

Common skill generic categories for dreams often involve the following: Flying, Invisiblity, Uncanny Athletics, No Collision, Slow/Anti-falling, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Time Manipulation, Energy Projection, Mental Powers, Door manipulation, Summoning, etc. Some skills tend to be influenced by movies/entertainment, while some tend to be typical of dreams in general. Main qUestion is: What are your Core Skill categories? Read the conditions on what determines a Core Skill. If you had a dream where you had an ability only once or twice, it won’t count as a Core Skill. Reason for categorising is to get a good idea of how others dream and the situations they face. It might also give a glimpse of what kind of personality you are and what are the common Core Skills that most dream characters (ie. you!) have.

SO here’s my list of skills according to category types, and their caveats/limitations.

(Core skills:)


  • Swimming in air (Breaststroke/Threading-air) up to and beyond building heights. (Active/Passive)
  • Maximum altitude and speed can vary depending on energy/luck/weather and mode. (0 to 500 meters or up to 1500 meters)
  • Affects running speed negatively due to loss of traction unless deactivated.
  • If not Passive, activating this skill again may require “warming up” if it has gone cool for too long earlier. (60 seconds to 5 seconds)
  • If not Passive, deactivating this skill may take some time to “cool down” as well, or instantly, depending on luck (60 seconds to 8 seconds, 20% to 80% chance to instantly deactivate).
  • Requires effort to master control of movement.
    The advantage of being in Passive mode allows for maintaining greater heights, speed, control and energy. It allows one to travel across to different countries as well by air (though this takes a long time). The disadvantage, however, is that you can’t make use of the other skills while in this mode, since you’re hovering permanently. Only way to disable Passive is to exit the dream window and restart.

No Collision

  • Walk into/through walls for concealment or escape. (Active)
  • Staying inside walls can only occur for a certain duration (30 seconds to 5 minutes). When duration ends, you will get pushed out from any solid in a random direction.
  • Being pushed out upon duration end can land you in tough irreversible/unintended spots if you’re not careful, though it might cause you to discover unreachable places or mess up surrounding environments.


  • Very long (up to 3 hours) invisiblity while motionless. (Active) .
  • moving breaks invisiblity.
  • (Active) Invisibility while moving
  • only allowed for a short duration. (5 seconds to 1.5 minutes)

Slow/Anti falling

  • Arrest fall (aka. reverse gravity). Avoids impact of surfaces due to falling fast, as you close in on them. (Active. But must activate before jumping for it to work.)
  • If you didn’t jump out far enough in order to be out in the open, the fall would become more gradual, rather than arresting the fall at the last minute as you approach closer to the ground. Basically, the closer you are to any given solid surface during the fall, the slower the fall.
  • Gradual fall. A PArachute like fall. (Active. But must activate before jumping for it to work.)
  • Controlling the exact spot in which you want to land is hard, due to slow parachute-like drift. Leaves you exposed out in the open for a longer time unlike Arrest fall.

Uncanny Athletics

  • Pull ups/PUshups. Up to 120 reps overhand pullups and same among of reps for pushups. (Passive)
  • Rather useless skill because it doesn’t get translated into actual practical in-dream situations. It only occurs in actual “doing pullup reps” situations, not in applications of it. Being able to execute this in the dream may be partly due to the “low gravity” nature of other core skills in the category of Slow/ANti-falling, Flying, etc.

(Core expertise/knowledge)

  • Navigating down outer building strcutures through ledges and fixtures safely, even if grooves are narrow. This is normally done if taking stairs/elevator is not an option, and getting down to a place at ground level should not be done immediately in the open (ie. with Slow/ANtifalling) skills, but tactically such as wanting to drop down from a different side of a building or enter a building at a lower storey from a different window. (Passive)
  • Irreversible movement vertically. Only works one-way down. Can’t re-climb upwards in the same way for most situations without situational aids, though core Swim Flying skill could do the job, it’s seldom thought of in such a situation.

(Situational skills)


  • to already/recently visited location. (Active)
  • Only works if relaxed (up to 90% chance if relaxed). May not work in urgent/critical situations. (10% - 60% chance) .


  • Superman-style burst flights (Active)
  • Limited duration of speed bursts between between 50 to 5 seconds to activate and within 5-50 seconds in burst duration before reverting back to “swim-style” cruising (from Core skill). Speeds can go insanely fast like Superman, or just regular cruisnig speed of Superman.
  • When humans are nearby, the speed and bursts always revert back to “swim-style” cruising again (from Core skill) at it’s lowest settings . This doesn’t apply to non-human characters. THus, in such cases, when in remote areas with only animals/monsters, it’s possible to travel extremely fast. In areas where humans are few or but further away, it’s possible to travel at a faster speed. Once you reach cities and populated areas though, the speed drops and the “superman” effect is no longer there. This is due to the fact that the dream-setting often involves an outlawed Superman.

Door manipulation

  • Uses mind to unlock/lock doors and gates (Active)
  • Only works if relaxed (up to 60% chance). May not work in urgent/critical situations. (5% - 10% chance) .

Near permanet duration for entire day (5-16 hours), but netted and limited across entire dream session. There’s a cooldown before being able to manually deactivate it. (40 seconds to 8 seconds)

  • to Fly Insect. (good for flying and stealth) (Active)
  • affects vision negatively
  • squishy. Being squished/killed would make you respawn back at the location where you shapeshifted.
  • to Bush. Usually for outdoor areas. (Active)
  • Mostly immobile. Can’t move by default. (Can activate Move Bush for 3-5 seconds only at cooldown intervals of 5 minutes, and move across a maximum distance of 1-5 meters for slight adjustments.)
  • Being stepped upon for more than a few seconds (3 - 10 seconds) or trampled upon to be flattened, will prematurely undo the shapeshift once the bush area is vacant of people/objects. This can leave you unwittingly exposed, so shapeshifting at the correct location is essential.

Energy Projection

  • Hand energy blast ability (Given)
  • Up to 5 minutes duration window, whether you use it or not. After that, it’s gone.

I’ve been meaning to reply to this for a while. Your post is complicated, but really interesting.

Here are lucid dreaming skills that I’ve used over and over again (more than 50-100 times, probably) with honest details:

It’s very rare that I have any trouble with flying. I can fly Superman-style and can adjust my speed mentally. Concentrating, I can burst through dreamspace like a bullet. I can fly temporarily and land again, and jump down from great heights and slow myself enough that I don’t splat. As a kid—and sometimes still today—I fly with my legs out in front of me, almost like I’m driving an invisible car in mid-air. For some reason, this felt safer to me as a kid. Flying well, like other lucid dream skills, is a matter of non-effort.

Energy Projection
I do this fairly well—but even when I cannot see energy coursing out of my hands, I usually still have an effect on DCs. At my most bad-ass, videogame-like destructive, I’ve been able to sit down and send out waves of fire from my body that char enemies to a black skeletal crisp.

A skill I’ve used repeatedly in LDs is temporarily shrinking myself to fit through small spaces. What I do is face a tight crack or something and simply push my awareness through it to the other side. I’ve never gotten stuck. This always works for me.

Reality Bending
Once, in a very realistic cliff-hanging dream (literally, I was hanging off a cliff and became lucid) I decided to bend the landscape rather than fly down. The feeling of dangling over nothingness felt so real, I didn’t trust myself to drop or fly (rare), so I decided to make the ground appear five feet behind me and swing over to it. What I mean is: I changed the directions of up and down, left and right in my dream in order to suit me. So, basically, once the ground was behind me, I “fell” a mere few inches.

I haven’t done this again, but I have caused obstacles to vanish at will. It certainly takes will to do this, for me, but by concentrating I’ve been able to make walls and rocks, etc. disappear.

I once tried to cancel gravity in my dream and was unsuccessful. I thought it would work, but it didn’t. So Reality Bending is a serious act of will for me.

Calling animal friends has worked for me in multiple dreams. I haven’t really tried to shapeshift very much, but have had a few animal-POV dreams, in which I automatically become the type of animal that’s with me. I didn’t really “accomplish” anything in these dreams, but they are very special to me. The experience of animal consciousness, running and killing and eating as an animal is something that doesn’t leave you soon.

Finding a door, or creating a door, to a place I want to be is something I’ve done in numerous LDs. It doesn’t work for me at will. I often must search for a few minutes to find the door I want. Once or twice I’ve conjured a door and, when I’ve opened it, nothing stands inside it—just the place I’m in (an empty doorframe).

I would say it has worked for me more than five times, though, maybe ten times.

Sounds like fun! I am a bit reluctant because I mostly use mind-over-matter meaning anything I can think of I can do, but heck here goes:
(Core skills):
Flying: I have flown so many times it comes to me naturally
Lentation: I am usually fearless in my LD’s so phasing through solid objects (even people) is no biggy.
Manifestation: This include’s demanifestation and isn’t restricted to just objects. Includes people, buildings or changes in dream scenery.
Teleportation: I prefer to fly but sometimes teleportation is a better option, done with eye’s opened or closed.

(Core expertise/knowledge):
Knowledge of the Unknown, Martial Arts, Singing/Rhyming (RAP ATTACK!), Exploration of Distant Worlds & Realities or Dimensions

(Situation skills):
Fearlessness, Ability to overcome any obstacle.

b [/b]mind-over-matter, psionics, psychokinesis (take your pick)
b[/b] dream-bending, ie. plot changing
b[/b] contacting guides, angelic beings or benevolent ET’s

-Testing new/different abilities
-If I become fearful I either confront or get out of there, force-awake if necessary/enter SP. Level of fearlessness is dependant upon level of lucidity.

Common skill generic categories for dreams often involve the following: Flying, Uncanny Athletics, No Collision, Slow/Anti-falling, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Time Manipulation, Energy Projection, Mental Powers, Door manipulation, Summoning, etc. (only one I took out was invisibility - tested once but failed)

What are your Core Skill categories? Don’t understand the question but I can tell you I am a partygoer when I’m not busy fighting.

Flying is kind of easy for me, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Teleporting instantaneously:
I’m able to instantly teleport in the same area. I see a poof of black strings of smoke and I appear somewhere else with a crack

Conjuring Objects:
If I imagine something in my hand it will appear. It phases in with a pink/purple glow. An example is me summoning my glasses to make things seem clearer.

Shapeshifting into an animal. One of the funnest things to do

Slow Time:
Slows time down. If I stop concentrating on slowing time down everything speeds up again. When I slow time down everything gets a purple/pinkish hue.

Energy Projection:
Basic energy blasts. Fun thing to do.