What are your dream experiences like after smoking Cannabis? Also, has drinking or not drinking coffee affected your dream abilities in any way?

Right, so I know that cannabis normally makes Dream Recall more difficult, but is this always the case for any of you?

See, during most of September and October, I was having great success with my dream recall. Pretty much remembered 1 or more dreams in great detail every night. At the time, I had not smoked any cannabis or had any coffee for about a month, as I was trying to exercise discipline and progress towards full lucidity.

When November came around, I decide to partake in cannabis and coffee once again, recreationally, and as a result, I regressed in my dream recall and my dreams became more and more fragmented.

At the beginning of December, I once again decided to take a break from cannabis and coffee. About a week and a half after, I observed my dreams were still rather fragmented and I was not achieving the same level of success with Dream Recall, as I had during September and October.

Last night, I sustained a physical injury and to alleviate the pain, I smoked a small amount of cannabis. To my surprise, I woke up remembering my dream in a manner of detail close to what I had experienced during September and October, when I was not smoking at all.

I’m a little lost, as I know cannabis usally suppresses one’s ability to recall dreams, but Im curious as to what everyone else has experienced, in regards to dream recall, lucidity and partaking or not in cannabis and/or coffee.

Does it really all just come down to one’s own willpower? Is the body just a machine and if one exercises enough discipline and control, can an invidual , in a sense, hack their body and bypass the usual restrictions imposed by substances such as these? Or is there more to all of this?

I’d really like to know your thoughts on this.

Since cannabis is not legal in some countries, discussion of cannabis and dreams is not appropriate