What are your takes on these?

So, I seem to be dreaming about lucid dreams but I don’t think they really count as lucid dreams. But I’m not totally sure…
Keep in mind I’ve been slacking on dream journals and reality checks but I’ve been doing some on occation if i remember. Its hard for me to get into habits. (I plug my nose and try to breath through it, look down and study my hands, and sometimes either look to see if my phone screen looks like it should/ if I have blurry vision without my glasses.)

Firstly… Thursday night. I wrote this down very late but it’s just as well because it didn’t really click until later in the evening anyway. I can’t remember most of the dream but at some point someone and I were fighting. It was a female and she seemed to be trying to force me into some portal (which was oddly enough a dresser drawer, I believe…) She was threatening me with a pencil, trying to stab me. (Im pretty sure its because of that trailer for that horror movie on the tv recently) I was holding her off, trying to get the pencil and not be stabbed.
Try as I might I couldn’t get the pencil… I couldn’t even overpower her or knock the pencil back or anything and i was using all my strength. I at some point said out loud “This has to be a dream!”
I focused on stopping her from stabbing me. She seemed to be under a sort of restraint that didnt stop her from fighting but gatly reduced her strength. I couldn’t seem to take the pencil but I was able to push her back and I tested it a little and was able to force the pencil around and scratch her with it (not wanting to actually stab her). It still took some effort but was immencily easier.
Shortly after that the dream shifted and I had no recollection of what happened.
That dream felt odd. It may have been a dream within a dream kinda deal but I have no clue.

Last night I had another weird dream. Like my house was slowly on fire and I was getting stuff and the dogs out and… Just things were weird. (Remember, I have been slacking majorly on my dream journal so my dream recall is hazy but I remember just as much as I woke up remembering.) That part of the dream doesn’t matter.
A little while later in the same senerio but a little different. What I think was happening was, at this point it was night. I think someone was after me. I was on the grass in front of my house on the grass, passing out at that point in the dream as someone always approaching me from behind. I finally thought to myself “this has got to be a dream” I looked at my hands to see if they were blurry. I was wearing my block gloves which I hadn’t remembered putting on and my vision was blurry but it was blurry all around and it was night. I figured the gloves were probably a sign it was a dream but I wasn’t certain. Still, I set my head down in exhaustion as i fought passing out and tried to focus on opening my eyes to somewhere different. But as much as I try to focus that I’d open my eyes somewhere else and that thee was nobody behind me I couldn’t get anything to change, except the footsteps were a little duller. Finally I “passed out” which in turn was me waking up. That whole part of the dream felt a little distant, probably due to me seeming to wake up.

I doubt these count as lucid dreams. Cause right now I’m not sure if I actually thought they were dreams or it was part of the dream. But I really am not quite sure.
Both times, however, it was in the morning when I wentck to sleep (I tend to go back to sleep if I wake up before the last possible second.)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

If you had a any point where you realized it was a dream, you were lucid. It is possible to lose that lucidity very quickly, though, especially if you don’t have any kind of focus. It’s also common for the feeling of being lucid to be uncertain at first, almost like you’re still stuck with the dream. We usually call it low lucidity.

The first definitely looks like you were lucid for at least a little bit, but eventually you lost it. The second could be either way, but based on your thought of it being a dream does look like you were.

When you’re first starting out it’s very helpful to have a list of goals for when you become lucid. Write them down, study them every night. Make it your intention that when you become lucid, you will pursue those goals. Above all, just keep going. They get more stable and more lucid the more you have.

Yea, I def. would say I wasn’t focused. Even if I could change things in the dream, I was to caught up in the dream to try, even though I seemed to have realized thats all it was.

That really makes me happy though. When I read your reply I couldn’t stop smiling. I needed a sign that perusing lucidity would be worth while. If I get a result, even as shaky as it seemed to be, without really focusing on it… I’m sure if I work at it I’ll be able to have good and lengthy lucid dreams with some work.

I have no idea what goals I should make. I don’t want to start with the common flying thing… thats just to common. I’ll do that like… second or something lol. Would you have any suggestions for relatively simple yet effective/helpful things to try?
And how would it be if I realize I’m lucid dreaming and get it stable enough to try a goal? (How would be a good way to get stable at that) I’ve never really figured that out. Do you just continue on in the palette/place your dream made, going ahead and ignoring whatever was going on around you? Or does it turn into a blank slate/somewhere new ext/do so after you leave the (probably small) scene of the dream?

Am I just overthinking it? guh! lol

Hehe, glad to hear you’re happy with your success :smile:

You can do really anything in goals. Do you want to travel to a place? Meat a person? Do a certain action? Anything is fine, but try to plan out how you would do it. Think about the way you would get around, or how you’d summon someone. Plan it out as you’re falling asleep. Even if things don’t go as planned, it’s keeping you thinking of your goal.

As far as stabilization goes, I usually recommend rubbing your hands together the moment you realize you’re lucid. Anything that activates your senses will help, but that seems especially effective for anchoring, and you can do other things while you rub your hands. If you lose the dream all together (i.e. end up in a big void), don’t give up. Keep rubbing your hands and there’s a good chance you can bring the dream back. Pro tip: even if you think you’ve woken up and feel like your rubbing your RL hands, keep rubbing. I’ll almost guarantee that you’re still dreaming. Funny how the mind works, eh?

Hm… Okay. Yecause honestly my main reason to wanring to leard to LD is to meet this one famous guy lol. (Then seeing other things one can do only strengthened my interest.) I know it’s a dream but I don’t care. Everyone I know who are fans of him always have nice dreams of meeting him ext, then here comes me - every dream he is in as a nightmare involving something horrible happening. Lol

Yea, the more I look up this kinda stuff the more fascinating it becomes.

Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I’ll manage another run in with lucidity soon and I’ll keep your tips in mind.