What Book Are You Currently Reading?

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sale of Goods Act Vienna Convention

(okay, so it’s not a book, but it might as well be, the stupid thing)

I must read that book,
I’m watching a TV-show about how Danny starts his own country.

Ohh, the book I’m reading at the moment Virginia Woolfs
“Jacob’s Room”

I don’t like it very much, I prefer Kafka. But soon time to reread the Hobbit again^^

I like this topic ^^

At the moment, i am halfway through “Night in the Lonesome October” By Richard Laymon. I only got it a few hours ago…

“White Nights” — Fiodór Dostoievsky
This one is actually a short story, hence the quotation marks.

The Hobbit — J.R.R. Tolkien :grin:

Macunaíma — Mário de Andrade

^ Cool you can read more than one book at a time. I dunno why, but I like to stick to one! :content:

I think I’m going to buy Eldest(sequel to Eragon) and read it. Can’t wait.

I haven’t started reading The Hobbit yet but I will tomorrow. I have to go to the library to pick it up.

I was currently reading a book by Frank Peretti, it’s actually two books in one. The first is called This Present Darkness and the other Piercing The Darkness

It’s kind of a personal struggle I have that a cousin of mine picked up on and so she sent it as a gift. I so love my prima.

A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick. After that I’ll read the hobbit. I cant read 2 books at once.

Um… I like how the authors name gets censored… heh :tongue:

The Holographic Universe :universe:

I’m about to start ‘Larry’s Party’ by Carol Shields…upon the suggestion of my girlfriend who’s an English Major :smile:

Well, I just finished a book that may offend some of you and probably shouldn’t be read or even looked at by anyone under the age of… Eh, let’s say 30. :wink:

It’s called “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug: A Fairy Tale” and it’s by Carlton Mellick III. I highly recommend it to anyone with a sick sense of humor, a love of zombies, an appreciation for children’s books that aren’t for children, or just an abnormal brain. A short excerpt that doesn’t have any explicit sex or horrific violence:
The clothed male drags me away, screaming, “The b-baby jesus killed them and then raised them from the dead! They are mindless undead flesh-eating jesus s-slaves!”

I also just started re-reading the Wind in the Willows. See, I like normal, friendly, happy books too.

Wind in the Williows was such a good movie… :clap:

I just finished reading “A Clockwork Orange.” It is also very heavy on content, but it’s got an awesome message, and is written very cleverly, and for those reasons has become one of my favorite reads of all time.

I’ve seen the movie version of this. I really liked it…it was very dark and strange, but still very good :smile:

In that case, i’ll read it with delight!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! That is an unforgettable name! Im borrowing that from the library for sure!


[size=100]Although I hate the last chapter… The one that was removed later, but that is usually printed nonetheless…[/size]

I dont read nothing right now.

Well at the moment I am going to be studying for my literature courses, but when I get to actually read for pleasure I’m either going to finish Shopaholic Ties the Knot(yeah, fluff :tongue: ) or start Shoo Fly Dyck, a novel that one of my professors wrote.


It’s a bit hard to find (published by a tiny Portland company), so if they don’t have it remember that you can check Amazon and get the ISBN number, with which you should be able to request it at your local library. If you really like it I’d encourage you to buy it, or check out Mellick’s other books. He’s part of a group of new indie writers that are dedicated to weird for weird’s sake. Calling their new genre Bizarro. Check it out if you like tasteless and awesome things.

Im reading the hobbit ATM