What Book Are You Reading? - Part VIII

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. Robert Waggoner. 2008, This is my first book about lucid dreaming I think I will not find any better book about the subject!, Wagoner goes very deep in the details and explain lucid dreaming in a very different way…

I just finished the biography “Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain and America” which was very good! I recommend it to any Beatles fan. :smile:
I’m planning on reading “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Jean Dominique Bauby. Has anyone else read that? I’m mainly interested because of how he wrote the book.
It explains how he wrote it here:

Very amazing and inspiring!!

by far the best book i’ve ever read.

rise of the ogre…classic for me i guess LOL gorillaz.wetpaint.com/page/Rise+of+the+Ogre mm… XD

same! :hurray: I read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ again and again every night before trying a LD :gni:

Wise Man’s Fear by Pat Rothfuss currently

Has anyone perhaps read The Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung? I’m still looking for it and I wanna know if it is worth the effort…

Re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… For the sixth or seventh or eighth time.

/me is an HP nerd.

Well, I just finished I Am Number Four… It’s rather typical though. The one good point was that its main focus was on relationships… family, friendships, enemies, and romantic relationships. Spent more focus on them than other books and gave it a new dynamic.
Of course the movie focused on action, special effects, and shirtless heroes.

Currently reading The Harry Potter series for the (!!!) first time. Currently on book 2.

:wow: :rc: By now I kinda expected everyone to have read them…

Das Parfum
Die Geschichte eines Mörders
Patrick Süskind

This story is enthralling, the main character is a repulsing phenomenon who was gifted with a unique nose in the world. Able to smell the tinest particle of scent, the man is also a cold-hearted murderer. :devil:
(i think there’s a movie too)

Gonna wait till after Spring Break to start reading that one, but it’s definitely on my list. I immensely enjoyed The Name of the Wind.

Edit: I think I’m one of the few English majors not to have read any of the Harry Potter books yet. It’s been on my list for about four years now. :razz:

I want to read it too, but surely not in German (since I don’t speak German):smiley: People say that they found the movie quiet effective :smile:

Now, I’m reading Dracula for myself, “The Taming of the Shrew” for English class and “The New World of Mr. Topmkins” for physics class. It is about relativity theory. It teaches the theory well, but I wouldn’t read it if I just want to have the pleasure of reading a book.

After Dracula, I’m planning to read one of those:

The daughter of commandant - Alexander Pushkin
Handle with Care - Jodi Picault
Sunset Park - Paul Auster (I read “City of Glass” by the same author, and it was great, I think)

but I didn’t decide yet.

The Book of Dead Days ~ by Marcus Sedgwick

Robin Hobb- Farseer collection. I’m halfway through book 3 now. It’s just brilliant :happy:. And, I just found out that there is also a newer serie (Tawny man) with FitzChevalric in it that has 3 more books! YAY!

It’s a medieval Fantasy story ^_^, and perfect.

There is a movie and its wonderful. It is called “Perfume”, the story of a murderer; go figure. A young actor by the name of Ben Wishshaw plays the main character. I just saw him in another movie about John Keats, “Bright Star”.

I really loved “Perfume”, because I have something of a super smeller myself. Although, I live by the adage Harm none! I will have to check out the book, too bad I saw the movie first. :tongue:

I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. People interested in dreams and reading, its almost to good to be true.

I have been reading “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. It just happened to catch my eye in the library. It is very interesting, set in the German/Swiss Alps, during the early 1900s.
The main character Hans Castorp goes on a visit to his cousin Joachim at a Sanitorium for Tuberculosis. The story is quite philosophical, but at times some of their discussions become rather obtuse. Mann writes in a very adept style, and when it flows I don’t want to put it down.
The story leaves you with an unsettling feeling. The main character is bothersome at times, I think mostly because the reader can identify with him. One never likes to be perceived as bothersome, at least when we aren’t trying to be. :content:

American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Excellent story.

Interestingly enough, I was reading Terry Pratchett books (namely, Going Postal and Making Money) when I decided to read Good Omens, a book done by both Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Wanting to try out more of Gaiman’s stuff, I read the first four Sandman volumes - only four because I’m pacing myself and buying the pretty-looking recolored versions, which haven’t all come out yet. After this, I was left with a shortage of reading material, and I spotted American Gods last weekend, so… :happy:

It sounds interesting, I haven’t heard of it before. I guess I should look it up.

Oh, and happy to hear you’re getting comfortable here at LD4all :content:

WULF! YES!!! :bounce: There is also the Liveship traders, that’s typically meant to be read in-between Farseer and Tawny man. Liveship is piratey and features Amber who is also thought to be the Fool. Tawny Man is a bit… well, I stopped reading halfway because I was too tied to the books, but they are really good and they center around Fitz and Fool and all the old characters as well XD And I can’t wait to jump back into them. And after Tawny Man is the Rain Wild Chronicles which is set in the same region/same genre as Liveship. Robbin Hobb is absolutely awesome and I absolutely love the Fool <3 :twirl:

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