What Book Are You Reading? - Part VIII

This is a continuation of the “What Book Are You Reading? - Part VII”, which can be found here.

I’m reading Sunrise, book #6 of the Power of Three of the Warriors series.

Truckers by Terry Pratchett… It’s nice but its not as good as most of the books in the Discworld Series

I have The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene but haven’t gotten around to reading it. He did put out a Movie based on the book on You Tube. Really interesting stuff a must see.

I´m reading Exploring the world of lucid dreaming by Stephen Laberge, really interesting book! :smile: I highly recommend it :content:

I’m reading about that rotton Mynx and her destructive theories on the already morally primordial soup we call society :razz:

edit: also, intro by Walker Percy! He’s a pretty cool guy.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming!
-Stephen Laberge

haha… though im pretty sure everyone here has read it.

I’m currently reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. :3

Just began reading it again:

I love this book and it somehow helps me with lucid dreaming. :content:

“Hyperspace” by Michio Kaku.

He got it wrong. There’s 11 dimensions, not 10. I’m pretty sure every string theorist knows about the M-Theory.

The last book I read (“Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman) was very good “dream-fuel.” :3

Just started “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

Francis Bacon’s Novum Organum.

I’m that kind of 13 year old.

I’m reading the Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino, again. It’s such a lovely book - brilliantly written, the a lot of imagination, and great meaning.

that’s been one of those ive-been-meaning-to on my list for a long time now, ever since i read If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler, i’ve been meaning to read something else by Calvino, never got around to it.

edit: though actually i was swaying more towards The Nonexistant Knight and the Cloven Viscount.

Right now i’m reading, or attempting to read as i find it fairly boring so far, Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe.

Vanishing Acts - Jodi Picoult --> for myself. I love the style of that author.
The Iliad - Homer --> History assignment
The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger --> English assignment

I really like all of these books.

Weisheit - Über das was uns fehlt
or in english:
Wisdom. About what we are missing
by Gert Scobel

this is the damn most helpful book I have read yet. :read:
It is really helping me on the path to my very own happiness :spinning:

Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring

Pretty awesome thus far

A demon-haunted world - Carl Sagan
great read, i haven’t had much time for it lately though

Of course it is. It’s Tolkien.

But I actually think that the movies were kind of better (that’s the only book(s) I find worse than the movie) because of a few reasons. The movies were good already, unlike almost all other movies from books, with pretty nice visual effects and all. Also, Tolkien was boring me to death sometimes with his long-windedness, and I felt uninterested in some parts of the books, especially with The Return of the King.

The fact that I watched the movies before I read the books might have affected my opinion though. :content:

Just finished The Morning of the Magicians http://www.amazon.com/Morning-Magicians-Louis-Pauwels/dp/0812885325 It is an excellent book dealing with alchemy, secret societies, Hitler’s ideas and regimes and a lot of stuff dealing with the mysteries of the universe.

I am now finishing up Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell https://www.amazon.com/Myths-Condor-Books-Joseph-Campbell/dp/0285647318/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1273606738&sr=1-1
It deals with mythology and psychology.

Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane