What can you find out about yourself?

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I heard you can use lucid dreaming to find out things about yourself. What specific things can you find out? What things have you found out about yourself?

I’ve never had a lucid dream, I think I will soon, but I have an idea of what you can find out about yourself…

-What you want in a partner (do you have a dream about being in a relationship you never had? If you like the other person, ask them their job, age, etc…)

Well, i learnt i was a good fighter…

I kept having lucid dreams, and i just gave up and fought things in them. Later, i found out my experience from fighting them carried over to RL

You can find anything about yourself. Your conscious mind can end up being torn between a decision, one of those life changing things that you just don’t know what to do…in an LD though, you have access to your subconcious mind and this includes details you might miss and things you never even knew you felt, if you ask for the answer to a decision like this, your subconscious mind will tell you how you feel deep down, even if you don’t realise. :smile:

So finding out how you feel about a particular decision is one thing…even just having regular dreams and recording them can tell you a lot about yourself since dreams are formed by your subconscious…for example, if a certain person keeps popping up in your dreams, this might be your subconscious telling you that you really care about this person and you want to spend more time with them.

So really, you can find anything out about yourself, it’s all hidden in your subconscious and therefore can be accessed through dreams :smile:

you could discover several things… like your inner most desires, little aspects about your personality, you can learn about new experiences, and perhaps your sexual orientation. lol. Your mind is a whole other world on the dream plane. You can even use your dreams to make changes in yourself.

i find this quite kool. i have this person who keeps popping up when i dream and i dont know why lol. i will have to ask wen i LD. so you are saying that i can find out anything i want pretty much just as long as it is things i cant possibly know like wen ww3 will happen?

There are a few people who believe that they can see the future.
Most people don’t believe that, but you can figure out stuff about yourself that may be hard to see in your waking life.

Realistically, everything in the dream is a creation of your subconscious mind; feelings, thoughts, knowledge, all of it. And with control over it, you can summon up thoughts, memories and manifestations of your subconscious.