What caused the 500 dreamers online boom in 2007

So I was looking at the record and it was a big whopping 500 dreamers, Usally there are just 20-30 including guest, but apparently in 2097 there were 500 people on the site.

Spambot attack. So it aren’t actual members

check this topic

What about this one? What happened in March 2012? :o

maybe this?

The july/August 2010 must be inception. And January 2011 was apparently something about Jared Loughner and lucid dreaming.

(and apparantly the Philippines does really well on lucid dreaming searching from dec 2011 to april 2012)

ah, cool. always wondered about that! :razz:

I practiced a bit of hacking, maybe some dummy guy done that, or it could have been a vulnerability test or something like that, or stress tests.
It’s strange, I agree…

It was a spambot attack, like specified above :smile: