What causes most of your DILD's?

For me, it is when I am in a quiet room by myself(in my dream, it gives me the time to realise I am dreaming)
What about you?

Seeing anyone or anything

Exactly the same… Unfortunutly it’s not quiet so often.

doing MILD :razz:

zombies lol

Whenever I bump into zombies in my dreams I immediately think that I’m playing Zombiemod on Counter-Strike Source.

OAR Rider: heres an idea then, if you do MILD, imagine yourself in a situation when you see zombies.

when ever i see my brother lol

When I’m in my bedroom… I’m just like “WTF, my clock doesn’t look like that!”.

Reality checks (quite obvious).

Nothing in particular (for some unknown reason I just know that I’m dreaming).

Frustration (something goes wrong in my dream, I’m trying to remedy it, I don’t succeed, and then - out of pure frustration - I realize there’s no need to worry, that I am dreaming).


With me it tends to be when I’m in a familiar place and look out the window. (my dreams recreate familiar environments with worrying accuracy, but windows always look out on to totally crazy vistas)

The latest two were in my living room, I looked out the window and instead of my garden there was this huge mountain range and a crystal clear lake surrounded by green and purple grass swaying in the breeze. And In my bedroom I looked out the window and there was a train station there with a backdrop that looked like something from Ghost in the shell.

I only had one DILD, and in that dream I realised my videogame controller had a button too many.
I didn’t care I was dreaming at first, I was busy playing a game. But then I said to myself: “Dude, I’m freaking dreaming! I shouldn’t play a game now, I’ve been waiting for this for ages!”.
That’s when I got lucid, I think.

I never get lucid on stuff like that, in my dream I go to my bro and ask him why the controll has got so many buttons and he’d answer something like “Yeah, it’s the new controll I bought yesterday” or something.

Dream signs. They’re in another topic.
Basically anything weird. I think it’s because I’m suspicious of anything out of the ordinary in WL too. Constantly questioning reality.