What could this dream mean?

I was dreaming that I was in a big warehouse with a bunch of people. There were items everywhere. It was my job to misplace an item and I had only a few minutes for this. After this, other people would come in the warehouse and if they couldn’t figure out which items had been misplaced, I got to keep the item.

It wasn’t just some dull warehouse by the way, with everything stored neatly. Stuff (like swords) was just lying around in certain spots.

I’m just curious what this could mean. The dream was really vivid and I just had the feeling it was trying to tell me something.

Are you trying to mislead someone or hide something?

It’s probably about hiding things… :smile:

Hmm, I could have thought of that myself haha.

I used to have a lot of chase dreams, so this would make sense.