what DC feel and see

Hellooooooooo everyone!I was just wondering what DC see when your standing right in front of one and you wake up.do they see you disapear?Do they se anything at all?That probably makes more sense,since there part of your mind anyway…What do you think?

I once was talking to a DC and woke up. I then Later on(another night) I was dreaming and I found that DC again. I asked what happened when I left and he told me that I just vanished into thin air.

I’ve done this a couple of times and have gotten the same answer every time.

:lol: thats a good question, Maybe THEY get shot by tranquilizer darts by the Dream Police and fall asleep and are woken up during your dreams so that you can play wiht them (play riiiiigghhhhht :ebil:)

Dream Police, LOL. XD

I’m not too experienced with LD’s or DC’s, but here’s what I think: I don’t think anything happens. When you wake up, they disappear. I mean, they’re just a part of your dream, right? It’s not like they have lives or anything. But I probably sound really… What’s the word? Simple-minded? I dunno. shrugs That’s just my opinion.

Hmm … interesting to think about. If dream characters are parts of our subconscious that have been repressed, perhaps they are awake only when they’re allowed to be dream characters in a dream that the conscious mind is having. In that scenario, it makes sense that they would lose consciousness the second we awaken. However, if they continue to function in the background during our waking hours … I wonder what they do as the sensory input from the real world comes streaming in to them? Do they try to regain control of the conscious mind, or are they a captive audience to whatever the conscious mind is seeing and participating in?

I believe they are mere images, even if they represent psychological aspects of ourselves. They are representations, not the actual things. So I believe that they do not have consciousness of their own. Furthermore, when you wake up, does the dream not end? Then this representation goes away. If it were conscious, I guess then it would experience it’s body and the surroundings disappearing. That is unless the dreamworld exists as it does while we are dreaming even while we are awake, but I don’t think that is the case. At least I don’t see any indication that it is so. The idea sounds a little, as we say in Sweden, “flummig”, which means something like, goofy and dopey, combined. Not that I’m judging here.

I too think that DCs are not real, they are just representations of the actual character which you might know IRL. But you can also see DCs you’ve never seen. Maybe they are characters combined from TV shows or something like that. But sure, there are random DCs which you’ve never seen.

I would say that DreamWorld doesn’t exist while we are awake, but I’m not saying it wouldn’t be possible. What if it continues in some part of our brains? :confused:

I was thinking the same. Thad be soo wierd…
Dream police, LOL XD

Anyway, I think we prolly just dissapear when we’re about to wake up. I should also ask a DC what happens.

1.DC’s are REAL, but maybe they are not PHYSICAL HUMANS W/ SOUL but we have to be careful when using the term, everything is real except for what it doesn’t exists at all.
2.I think that DC are always concious except when one has a ld, but they still receive our input, they are basically minor archtypes or individual emotion receptors that play individually when we are unconcious, i mean DC’s are real in the sense that they ARE THERE in our shadowy subconcious.
3.But to the main question;
in my oppinion, they would just see you dissapear w/ (like Journeyman!!)
but then they would fall ‘‘asleep’’ and dream of your waking life.