What did this dream mean? Could it be Astral Projection?

I fell asleep 2 nights ago listening to Japanese lessons and had became lucid for a moment in one of the dreams during it, after waking from this dream I decided since I was still drowsy to try the brainwave generator track for lucid dreaming. I fell asleep to have this dream,

It was so much like reality at first. I got out of bed and headed to the door let my cat in. (I always turn the lights on as I go around my flat because I am creeped out by not being able to see. I feel fine walking down dark alleys but darkness in my flat feels scary.)
Well, I turn my light on, but it does not work, I feel panicky and hurry to my door to the mains box outside and realise I should go to the kitchen first to get the key to open it (the lights have died this way twice before in RL so I still didn’t realise it was a dream yet)
I had already opened my door and I saw the key was already in the box, I felt glad I must have left it there, the box was already open, but the switch for the mains would not work either.
Then suddenly a female looking white cloaked figure floated smoothly past me, from inside my flat. I was terrified but somehow kept myself calm because I know I have been constantly waiting for this chance. Because I was scared I told myself it was a dream though, but something told me back that it was not a dream.
I shouted out to her as she continued to float to wherever she was going , I shouted that I want to know the truth, and information, and I want to talk to my guides who will tell me the answers.
Then there was a big worm in the mud, I was friends with her. We spoke but not with physical words. She kept getting bigger and digging through and inside the mud. (I think she became a snake but I am unsure if I just think that because she got snake sized) Someone I thought was my mother came along and I told her not to kill the worm, because she was my friend. But I think it was the figure from before, and not my physical mother. I didn’t feel scared anymore. There came also a beetle who had something (?) riding on his back, we also talked. It felt calm and nice.

I woke from this and turned off the recording and went back to sleep a dream where I told somebody about this dream.

I want to add some things; My usual dreams are very full and realistic yet surreal, when I wake I know that I just dreamt. It didn’t feel this way for this. I have only had one other dream taking place in my flat being completely identical to RL (I only moved in a year ago) and I suspect that dream was Projection too. Most my dreams take place in places I have never seen, or the two past homes I lived in.

hmm… if u feel it was a projection then most likely it cud be. and i always have unrecognizable places in my dreams too!! it is fun but sometimes scary when no one is around—

Id say its more likely that it was a lucid dream since you used a lucid dream brainwave generator but you never know…
I wouldnt take the fact that it was in your flat too seriously, if it was your exact real flat, that suggests it was an energetic projection, which kinda doesnt make sense since youve seen worms and other things.. If it was an AP, it´s unlikely that you will have seen your exact flat. It´s wrong treating experiences as if they are either dreams or APs or other projections or whatever. All realities (including physical one) are virtual and they consist of streams of energy, information. The dream state is close to the Astral, and many times, they kinda resolve together. Yes, there is the classical OBE or AP but the limits arent so clear… Any experience in which your consciousness isn´t focused in your physical body is an out of body experience, now you just have to figure out what your own mind created in that experience and what did you receive from other planes.
Ive had OBEs that turned into dreams and the other way around.
Theres really no clear boundaries …
Usually, people who have a AP or Etheric Projection don`t have any doubts when it ends. so your experience was probably more of a dream, which was maybe very very clear, or that included a relatively large amount of astral information in it.
The only way to be sure is to keep trying, you´ll get better and better and in the future, you´ll probably be able to know for yourself what this experience was.
Its a matter of understanding how these things work and that knowledge is derived from experience combined with some intellectual learning.
Hope this helps