What do dreams about dying mean?

I know thatthis topic has already been touched on, but it didn’t answer any questions for me. I have dreams about dying more often than not. Somtimes i’m lucid, sometimes i’m not. They are disturbing but not always in a bad way. More like I just wonder about them alot. No one else seems to be able to help me so maybe ya’ll can. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum Medic Dreamer! :smile:

Wow, dreams about dying while stationed in Iraq must be disturbing. How long have you had these dreams? and what type of death do you dream about? (heart attack, gunshot, etc.)

I’m assuming the dreams are disturbing and frightening, or else you wouldn’t be asking for advice. Can you describe your feelings when you have these dreams?

Most dreams should not be interpreted on a surface level. That means just because you dream of dying, you should not expect that it is warning you of your future or fate. However, perhaps it’s a fear that is manifesting itself into your dreams. Our thoughts and beliefs have much influnence on our dreams. Very often these deeper thoughts can incubate into our dreams as emotions and experiences that seem powerful and real.

I suppose I’ll wait on your responses before I try to give any more extra advice. It would help if I understand your feelings, and perhaps you can share a “death dream” as an example of what you dream of.

Goodluck! and take-care! :smile:

Hi DreamAddict,
Thanks for answering. Uh, the dreams are definatly disturbing, and i’ve asked a couple friends out here about them, but they don’t seem to know or care about dreams. Since i’ve been out here i’ve had probably 20-30 of them. Most were in the past 30 days. I die in different ways almoste very time. Ranging from obvious fears, being shot, to completely off-the-wall ways such as having my neck broken by someone behind me. In the dreams i’m usually aware it’s a dream (sometimes not) but i usually can’t do anything about it. I said they were somtimes “lucid” in my other post but in that i just mean that i know i’m dreaming. I’m never able to really doing anything to stop my “death”. It’s really odd and since seeing the movie “Waking Life” I have become very interested in lucid dreams. Which is why I wonder so much about these dreams. I really appreciate your help. Thanks alot.

Well, one thing I can honestly say is that you are not going to find a suitable answer to the meaning of your dream. Instead of looking for a meaning, I think you should be more concerned on what is causing them.

It sounds like after these dreams you have been focusing your thoughts on the “death dreams” which can only result in more of these types of dreams. Thinking, worrying, or otherwise concentrating on these dreams is a blackhole that’s easy to fall into. You’re fueling the dreams just by giving them a second thought.

Maybe it’s worry that these dreams may come true, or that they are trying to tell you something. Since these dreams are different and in each dream you die a different death, I think it’s safe to say that it’s your fear creating the dreams. I really doubt it’s your sub-consciousness trying to give you a warning.

I’ll try to give you 2 techniques to get these disturbing dreams under control.

I would suggest that you play a little trick on your sub-conscious. When you go to bed tell yourself that “I’m going to have a dream in which I’m dying, and I’m going to realize it’s a dream.” It’s sounds crazy I know, but think of it as reverse psychology. Also, if you can obtain full lucidity you may be able to use this as a dreamsign and re-create this dream into something more pleasing.
If you gain lucidity; try blinking your eyes to change the scene, or spinning in circles, or the many other scene changing techniques you can find around here.

If the 1st one doesn’t appeal to you. Try “dream incubation.” Dream incubation is when you try to force yourself to dream of a certain place, person, or thing. It’s much like the 1st suggestion, but with an idea of your own. Perhaps you can read letters from home right before bed and try to dream of being home. Try to surround yourself and mind in some idea far away from the unpleasant dreams.
Right before sleep say aloud or in your mind “Tonight I will dream of …” and replace … with something pleasant. :smile:

I’m sure other members here may have suggestions. This thread is still very young and maybe after some time you may read other tips that may help you out.

Be sure to keep us updated on the progress of your dreams! :thumbs:

I actually like the dreams of me dying, its always an odd expereince, and its very hard for me to understand, b/c i have no idea how it actually feels to die. I just like how the mind can create an issue or a problem that you never felt or ever expereince . Sometimes when i die in my dreams, i also feel pain. Its cool how your brain can create the feeling as if it was real, b/c all the times when i dream im dead, i never think twice that its a dream. Doesnt that seem kind of weird though? I guess its your mind preparing you for death or something. Maybe life’s just a dream, and reality is just a bad false awakening :eek: That would suck :eek: :cool_laugh: :help:

yeah hubbs, I know exactly what you mean. I think many of us dream of dying. The dreams I have of dying doesn’t seem to carry with it fear or disturbing feelings, and I don’t remember feeling pain.
However, I’ve had many dreams that sound disturbing, but my personal interpretation of the dream is very opposite.

y dying dreams are often very peacful, I just get the sensation of everyhing being comfortable and nice. This even hapns when I am shot in my dreams. One second I am screaming and in pain an dthe ext I am peacful.

I really appreciate all of the responces i got for this one, ya’ll are helping me more than you know. I will try the ideas you listed for me DreamAddict, and see if they work, and i’ll write back and tell you if they did. Once agian I really appreciate the help you guys. Thanks alot.