What do i do with my eyes?

Hello guys,

yesterday a friend of mine told me about lucid dreaming, and this seemed to be so crazy that i have read almost everything about it in a few hours , and this morning, i wanted to test it myself. :happy:

Everything seemed ok, full body Sleep paralysis, i relaxed more and more, Strange hypnotic sounds appeared, and i counted and counted, not to fall asleep. *WILD Technique

And then, my heart started to rush, faster and faster.
at a certain point, i felt that my eyes were moving like crazyy, so i think i just got into the REM Phase.

But now i dont know what to do next:

i tried some Exit techniques, slow and deep breathing, imagined that my bodys rotating, imagined that i get soaked into the bed, and almost feeled that i could get off my body. that feeling was amazing. But then my eyes stopped moving, and my pulse was normal again.

What did i do wrong? Do i have to keep my (physical) eyes shut during the rem phase? do i have to keep my real eyes all the time shut?

hope you can help me :smile:

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me the first time I tried it! but really exactly!!! even the crazy eyes! but when my heart went beating like crazy, i stopped.

any answers would be really appreaciated!

when i want to go into SP, my heart rate goes up to 150, it’ s totally impossible to sleep with it, i think it’s only excitement from the first experience, tonight will be my fourth try using WILD, and it’s weaker every night :smile:

Hey good to hear im not the only one :smile:

I did some research and found out, that when your eyes are moving, it does not mean that you are in the REM Phase now, but in a few minutes, you will be.
It stops moving because we are VERY FOCUSED on it, and thats what we should not do. Instead , we should concentrate on sth different, and observe it from a passive side.

The heart rate burst seems linked with our excitement because of this new phenomena, which we never had before. it should go away after a few attempts.

Things to do: RELAX even more, let the body go, and do not focus on the eye movement.

I will have to improve my exit methods, i heard about something like imagining a rope above my head, which i have to climb to go over the dream. :happy: