What Do These LD's Mean?

I’ve had 2 LD’s that i end up doing the same thing as another dream (LD) or i do something else in it but at the same place. I had a LD and around the end or something i went down into my basment and it was like a game and their were guys down their with guns and i would shoot them and stuff. This has happend 2 times in 2 different dreams.
Then on another dream i was in a cornfield were there was some corn stalks on the ground like a little home in the cornfield were you could walk around and stuff. I made a friend that was like a kangaroo and a squirrel or something. Then in another LD i was there again after doing stuff . I was there with some people i know and my friend came out and I went to this Bed and turned it into a frying pan and back into a bed. ( I dont remember if it was a frying pan though)

I have one question If its an LD do you know why you did that?

Heh. :tongue:

Though to be fair, just because it’s an LD doesn’t mean he has any conscious control over what happens in the dream. It just means he knows it’s a dream.

And no, B.E.R no idea what that might mean.

Yes, I have somewhat a reason. I was on a bus and their were these scary ugly girls so i jumped out of the window into this cornfield that i have visited in a previous LD