What do you ask your Lucid Dream?

Hi,so we might have heard what to ask your SC and DC’s or CALD’s.But have you heard 'What to ask your Lucid dream? :ebil: :dingy:
A note is i see that older posts used to have lots of visiters and is going downhill lately?Or is it justme?:cool_laugh:

Anyone should post what to ask ther LD here,so this would be anything you see,touch,hear in your LD.

Here are some to start off:
What is the purpose of life?
What shall i expect in my near future?
Will i be popular? :devil:
Will i have trusty friends?
What population of me likes LD4all so much!(i have got the answer to this ,infinityandbeyond% )
Be sure to post here!!
Anyone else?

What to ask your lucid dream.

I had to think about this, since it isn’t on my to do list. So after pondering overnight…

  1. Was there a reason for THIS dream?
  2. What does the dream (or dream item, DC etc) represent?
  3. How can I improve my LD frequency?

How can I use more than 3 powers at once in an LD?

For me the distinction for asking the dream and asking the subconscious is not very clear. I kind of treat them both as the same, my SC being comparable to the god in my dreams or the enigmatic fabric that keeps it all together.

My current personal quest is to ask what I am (personally) missing (in my life) and what I can do (to attain that).


Why was there such thing as Lucid Dreaming?Was it something to be hifted by normal humans ancestors?