What do YOU do? (stabilising LDs)


I would just like to know what technique YOU use, when you realize that you have become lucid, and want to stay that way.

Also, what do you think is the best method to stay lucid? Maybe you have your own technique?


personaly, i just focus on staying lucid and i stay, but i had to practice this for 3 LDs till i got it down.

I stare at my hands from time to time, and also when lucidity begins to fade. I think that staring at something (not necessarily your hands) is the best method to stay lucid.
When I lose visuals, I rub my hands together.

I just try to keep calm and really concentrate on everything around me. I also try not to think about things from RL.

I talk to myself continously, and focus on the sound of it. Sometimes I sing too. :cool:

When the black void appears, I have learned that opening my eyes isn’t a good thing at all. It will wake me up. Instead, I just wait for the next scene to appear…if I’m lucky. :tongue:

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I sometimes keep saying to myself i’m dreaming. Usually the first thing I do upon becoming lucid is rubbing my hands to ensure a great stability of the dream. Also, keeping calm is very important so this too helps a lot.

Rub my hands together usually.

I usually say something like “increase clarity now!” while rubbing/examining something (a wall, a leaf, whatever) in the dream world.

If I haven’t had an LD for a long time, the first thing I’ll do is stare at my hands.

Other than that, I don’t do anything.

i scream as loud as i can that i am dreaming, this stabalizes it

I just woke up from a relatively short LD.

It was as I were in something like a movie, and I were a special agent who’s now in jail. My hope was a contact person who wanted to visit me there to get me out. A guard just cleaned my face with an ungly-smelling fluid. After he did that, he sat on the bed.

I then went to the bathroom to clean my teeth, after I was done, he still sat there. He wanted to get up, but while he did that, died. I thought, they would think I murdered him. A voice said “Prisoner?” and then I realized that I dream and can control my dream, get out of the jail and do what I want :mrgreen:

I stood there and cried “Lucidity!” (like I read on the main page: ‘lucid and then?’) and wanted to fly, but then it was very hard to speech, to see something and control me. I imagined how it were on the beach (it was my intention to dream that I were there), imagined the sun and so on. But everything was dark and it didn’t worked. I tried to spin around and to rub my hands - the only result was that I saw a little of yellow. Then I imagined the sand and realized how I can feel sand, that worked. But then, I just felt sand in my face and oddly in my nose - I woke up and that was it :down:

Any ideas?

Sounds to me just like you got to excited. It happens to the best of us at times, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

I usually am amazed by how vivid an LD is already I just look at textures and cars and it generally becomes brighter and more vivid. Other times I will do the spinning on your own axis method. I tend to have really really high lucidity after spinning then it slowly goes down. I dunno why but examining textures seems to make my LD’s last longer. Maybe its just a coincidence

Whitewolf: It may not be. I always look at the textures (and feel them) and consider how realistic they are, and quite often my LD’s last fairly long.

try to meditate inside your dream, that keeps u lucid!

  1. first thing i do is rub my hands
  2. i remind myself AND DCs that i am dreaming (dont know if telling them has any significance but they almost always stare at me funny or ignore me when i tell them i am)
    3.tell a DC to tell me im dreaming again if i forget.
  3. Touch and feel things inside the dream world…

When i first started LDing I had no trouble stabilizing, by yelling out “INCREASE LUCIDITY!” or rubbing my hands or spinning.

But now I have lots of trouble getting LD’s to last longer. It seems as soon as I think i think that an LD could fade, it always does. Its lke I think myself into losing the dream state!

Also, as soon as I look at my hands, my dream begins to fade

TBAB - you’re expecting it to fade, which is why it is. Just don’t think about it ending - expect it to last a long time.

I’m exactly the same. If I try not to think, I just think more :bored: Taking in lots of information about my surroundings helps block the thoughts a little bit.