What do you guys think about immersion as an ILD ?

moved from DJ forum to gen lucidness since it is more a general discussion than a method :moogle:

I mean the idea that it doesn’t really matter what path you take as long as you give yourself, so to speak , to lucid dreaming. As long as you spend a lot of your time trying to have lucids, thinking about them, reading about them and so on.

That is how I am doing it right now.
I think so anyway.
I think you are asking if you don’t use a specific technique to lucid dream, you just think about it and wait for them?
I apologize, you title was a little unclear to me.

Ihave been having low level lucid dreams for as long as i can remember just didn’t know what they were called then 2 weeks ago i found this site and started reading as much as i could about it and in the last 2 weeks i have had like 7 high level LDs and i really don’t have any technique i just read about them and do RCs through out the day and when i go to sleep bam! i find my self in an LD most of the time i dont even do an RC to relies it
one thing that is odd in about 95% of them i dont have any pants on lol