What do you like most about lucid dreaming?

I like LDs because they are fun, i can explore my psyche, do things i cant do in waking life.

what inspires you to LD? what is your favorite thing about LDing?


I love the feeling of the unknown! Even tho I’m awake in this dream, doesn’t mean I can control every aspect of it! So there’s that feeling of excitement on every new adventure that I get to go on!

I also like making the dream more real. Bringing in more senses to really feel in the dream. And the best part, at least for me, is that the vividness caries over into my ND’s for a couple of weeks as well.

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Freedom, vivid adventures, defying reality, reprogramming the mind, and the unknown.

So many things to do is insane. This barely scratches the surface.

-Freefall from space/fly through space/visit planets
-Live out fantasy team ups (John Wick, Deadpool, Batman, and Spike (cowboy Bebop))
-Visit exotic places/fictional settings (Asgard, Hogwarts, etc.)
-Time travel (Miami in 1983, the set of an old TV show, prehistoric times, a future dystopian society, etc.)
-Manifest and talk with your subconscious through a mirror/crossover into the mirror
-(Maximize time)Train/study in your sleep
-Visit an alternate universe
-Square off with fictional characters/take part in a tournament

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For me it’s the sense of freedom and yet complete control over your “reality.” You can literally do anything that you can think of. It’s pretty amazing!

@Koharo’s post hits it right on the head. Freedom.

What do you wish to do? To be able to answer that question no less in a lucid dream of all places, is life giving.

Dreams feel like uncharted territory to me. It scratches a special itch you won’t find anywhere else. Every dream you become lucid holds an opportunity for active discovery, and I can’t wait to find out what lies ahead in mine.

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I like the adventures,mostly.the realistic everything included in it.I like playing with all the power as well,mostly i like ,meeting my SC and DC’s

Its just so cool to have your own world to do whatever you want, if you want to do something and you do it right it happens so thats a pretty fun thing