What do you see in your WILD HI?

Well people, i must ask - what do people experience in HI? I just get multi coloured squares, like a disco dance floor. squares of bright red green yellow purple and blue. and they cover my whole vision. Ive heard you see many different objects.

Id love to read about what other people see, i think it would be great to compare what everyone else sees whilst WILDing :content:

Thanks! x

Well, I’ve only properly WILD’d once, and it was more of a chain (I woke up and didn’t move). I remember just seeing me, like as though it was a mirror, was rather weird. I saw my self, then again but in the other corner of my vision. I then just zoomed myself into the dream.
Other times with premature HI (Just HI that happens when i’m tired or when I doze off) I see really random things, just everyday things, like walls with writing on, Rabbits, chairs. Things like that. (But the HI isn’t as strong when you’re near the end of a WILD)

Usually extremely random things that make no sense and have nothing to do with anything. Best way I can explain it is a visual equivalent of the non-sensical stuff that go through your head during the final seconds before you fall asleep. ie. a gerbil playing a guitar, a person you know eating a tree branch, etc.

Kirbzy: LOL. your examples made me laugh x)

So…am i the only one that only sees colourful shapes and no actuall images …?


Yeah, I usually see some random things or scenes. Some are simple and others are pretty weird/random. A few examples I can remember are:

  • soap floating around in front of me (I grabbed it to enter the dream)
  • a mountain (zoomed in to enter a … ND :sad: )
  • my room
  • cars piled up

I usually see alot of faces, whether theyre outlines or full images

You see what you want to see, you see what’s on your mind.

well i dont know if relaxing in bed trying to WILD is what you’re talking about, but usually even i see colored circles, mostly blue or indigo. Like the third i Chakra. :smile:

soulconsole: Yes - me too. but thats only when im relaxing.

I hear that all the images you see are in your minds eye, not infront of your actual vision.

I usually get a strange blue tunnel and swirling lights. Something kind of like this:

HI shows the momentum of the thoughtforms and how they relate to my life in a symbolic way, lasts only a second or two, like just a few frames of a dream

before that, thousands of speckles purple colors

abstract confusions flowing through.

HI is usually just random lines of thoughts and images for me. Only when i am very sleepy, the images are more stable. The HI scene that is most likely to give me a successful WILD is one that contains a road or path, it is easier to imagine following that :cool:

Last night was my third successful WILD, and I saw B&W geometric patterns, almost in a kaleidoscope effect. Another time I had an image of playing tetris - fitting shapes into other shapes.


Well i tend to only get the kaleidoscope type patterns, and no actual visual things that could be classed as images … but all my images are always in my minds eye, like they com e in quick flashes of, for exapmle one i can remember … a sumo wrestler :tongue:

Does anhone actually see the images clearly infront of their vision or just in thier minds eye?

I see faces or swirling objects, usually colors. Very odd, and then sometimes that goes into a dream where the HI and the ND or LD connect.

In my pre-mature HI, I got colored circles that formed in the middle of the “Screen” and shot off into random directions.

I think this pretty much sums it up:

… There might be some useful info., here too. It may be hard to distinguish between the different states, or levels, and transitional states at first.

Mew: Thats what i get =]

well for myself i havnt really seen HI befor i tend to hear things eg the sound of a horse walking down the road clip clop clip clop :confused:

I just learned that my HI are just like ND. I see a short ND, then I feel vibrations and… haven’t passed them yet.