What do you see when you look at the mirror?

I had a LD not so long ago, where I ,for no reason, decided to look at the mirror. I had read, that looking at the mirror can be a good RC, but sometimes you see your face very distorted and can even be frightful. Almost nothing fazes me, but the image I saw of myself really did put me off.

I’m interested as to what others have seen and felt :smile:

The one LD when I looked in a mirror…

What a nice dream you had! So hearth-warming :smile:) I never have such dreams. My dreams are always mysterious, somewhat dark and almost never with happy feelings :sad:(

I saw myself with completely different hair and eye colors in a ND once. Instead of RC’ing, I just started freaking out.

As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to get my two cents in. :happy:

As I’ve tried to stress many times, the fear of mirrors that many people have is unfounded. It is my belief that because there is an expectation amongst people that they will see something bizarre or frightening in a mirror, they in fact do only because of that belief. That is the nature of dreams after all.

As for what I see in a mirror, just usually myself. I probably don’t look 100% like I do IRL, but in the dream I never notice anything different. I often have used mirrors for transformation, so I see some weird stuff when I do that, but that is because I willed it to be so in the dream. There have been a couple times where I’ve seen odd things, but never anything frightening or disgusting, although occasionally a little bit embarrassing.

I know it’s off topic, but the best part of mirrors in your LDs is not the reflection, but the ability to use them as portals, which is always very fun.

My next goal while lucid is to try to step through a mirror, I really want to try that! I tried in a dream the other night, but while I could stretch the mirror like putty, I couldn’t go through it.

I have seen myself in mirrors a lot of times, recently I did just because I was lucid and curious. I was surprised how normal I looked. Sometimes I have the new haircut that I wish I could have, or I look MUCH prettier, which is kind of disappointing when I wake up LOL.

Yes, that is true. And that is what happened in my dream, even though I know how that works.

I noticed that in LD or ND I often think and act very differently than IRL. That dream with mirror is no exception. Something just clicked inside me and I remembered what I have read about mirrors in dreams and decided to look at it. At that moment I didn’t even knew there’s a mirror nearby, I probably created it with my thoughts involuntarily. I turn around and, yeah, mirror is on the wall. I jump in front of it full of curiosity…well I didn’t expect too see such an image. Half of my face looked burned or rotten( hadn’t looked at it long :happy: ), the other side was all hanging down, almost dripping. It looked like someone has bashed my face with a sledgehammer. My eye was hanging outside, and I could see my insides through eye socket. I believe even a portion of my brain was visible.

That’s just the general image, but I doubt anyone wants to know the details :happy:

Myself, but in a different outfit that I wear in the current dream. I don’t expect anything magical or terrifying/scary, so that won’t happen. At least I never experienced them in any of my dreams so far.

The first and only time I did, it was actually blank :open_mouth: No reflection at all

I always look really weird. I’ve had illogical things such as looking at myself in the mirror and seeing I have no eyes, that was probably the scariest.
Other times it’s usually my waist is really, really thin, my hair is a different length to what it normally is, missing teeth, or my arms look funny.

I’m a suspicious person and fearful of the unknown and have had fears in the past of the paranormal, so I tend to think something bad will be in the mirror or around a corner. Though now I push the fear and thoughts down so scary things never happen :smile:

How could you see if you didn’t have eyes? :cool_raz:

I usually look like myself in the mirror, but sometimes I find bruises or scars on myself and wonder how I got them. Last night in a LD, I played with distorting my face, and the mirror image matched how my face was stretched or compressed.

In dreams, we usually find exactly what we expect. Maybe you will look like your idol (if you have one) in the next dream :cool:

My first experience with mirror was fortunately in a lucid dream. I was having pure experience because I didn’t read then about other dreamers experiences. My hair was brown as it is in WL but it had orange stripes. Then I smiled to myself and noticed I was missing few teeth.

Then to make it more interesting I moved head away from the mirror and again in front of it. I looked distorted. No stripes and no missing teeth but distorted. Then I decided that I need to touch mirror(don’t know why) and then I found myself in some city, unknown to me, flying just above the skyscrapers…

Cool dream nevertheless…

I usually see my normal everyday self unless I am expecting to see something else. There have been times when I do see something different to what I think I might see but for the most part I see myself.

The only time I’ve seen myself in the mirror, it was terrifying. I looked like if someone had recently poured a pot of boiling water at my face. I had lots of blisters, and my face was very red. Such a scary sight, and a very vivid one as well. Fortunately, I attained lucidity shortly after, for I had panicked as soon as I saw my reflection.

In my last LD, I made a mirror appear. When i looked into it, i saw myself dressed as superman. Really fun but quite unxepected.
I flew throught it and found myself struggling passing it with the sound from matrix when neo get covered with that shinny stuff. I then found myself in a neo-renaissance kind of place. I amazed me once again to see the capacity of the mind to create unique architectures !

I became lucid in a dream and walked into my bathroom down the hall (its actually down stairs and down the hall) and saw myself standing naked in the mirror my hair looked quite “manga” and quite kool, my face was quite shadowed out either that or i didnt really pay attention to it, my body looked quite tanned and slim, slimmer then i have ever looked (I am getting fit at the moment) and i had no penis.
I still felt like me as I was looking at a reflection standing with the same posture, only it didnt feel female or male, it just felt “human”. It also stood staring back at me although it was checking my junk too! haha

I have looked in the mirror once in my dreams, I saw my own reflection - distorted, and it screamed back at me with otherwordly scream. I was fairly creeped out.

I’ve never seen a mirror in my dreams, at least none that I can recall, which is kind of of now I think about it since my old bedroom had one and that room is often in my dreams.

I can only assume my dream self is a vampire. :wink:

I love mirrors in my dreams. They have triggered RC s for me on several occasions.

I must have had at least 6 – 7 experiences with mirrors in my LD ‘s. I just don’t look like myself. Sometimes my face was deformed, or looked funny, or had too much hair, or I look like someone else. Dream mirrors are awesome.

I love the pattern that is emerging: no one sees themselves exactly as they’re in real life. Interesting. A whole lot of new theories can be made from this, none confirmed, sadly :happy: