What do you think about the German cannibal?

I thought these kind of horror scenes only happen in the US. They have a nice history of cannibalism (Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Albert Fish,…). But what shocked me most here in this case was the fact that the victim really wanted to be killed and eaten afterwards. How sick do you have to be to think like that?? Meiwes, the cannibal, found his victim by an add on the internet in which he explicitely said he searched a man between 18-30 years old to be slaughtered. Apparently Meiwes received over 400 responses… What kinda world are we living in these days?? Post your thoughts…

For those who haven’t heard about him yet, here’s a link: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/3302201.stm

That is sick!!! :cool_laugh: I cant believe the article i just read, people are sick on both ends, it almost seems that the German Cannibal was innocent. That’s sick, i notice the cops were looking for a sexual response, i was kinda of confused from that, does that mean if Armin Meiwes found it sexually, would that mean he could do this at any time when ever he felt the idea?

That’s sick, im suprised someone would email them asking them or telling them they could eat them or kill them. This world just gets sicker and weirder

I didn’t read the thing, but i think it is just natural for some people to act like that. I don’t call it ‘sick’ i just hear it and think ‘ok, they can do what they want to do’. It could be a way for them to feel like they are living forever or something like that. I personally don’t feel the need or desire to do it, but i don’t judge others who do (not implying anything, just stating my opinion)

Read it! :eek:

Yeah reading it might be a good idea.
It is an interesting article! Indeed! I have no idea what’s going in his mind, but something certain has happened to him that he feels the urge to eat people and request people to willedly die for him so he could eat him/her.

I think it’s gross, but who knows what is going in his mind? What if he sees it as “ok” catergory? What if he thinks that he is doing a good thing to the world? What if he isn’t even aware of what is going on?

Here ya go. :wink: Hopefully it might have made you think.

I have read it now and i still stand by what i said before. People will do what they want to do. It happens.

I don´t understand what´s going on with people who are doing something like this, and I probably couldn´t stand watching the videos.
Anyways, I feel similiar like alex:
As long as his “victim” voluntarily does this it is ok. We can´t judge him just cause we think that it is unnormal or gross. To me this is the same with all the so-called perverts: They don´t fit in our way of thinking, and we may be shocked or even disugsted, but that doesn´t mean that we may discriminate them or abolish what they do.
Remember what gays were (and sometimes still are) treated like, and for which reasons.

So, I am against any kind of punishment. However, of course they got to make sure that the other man really volunteered.
To make him do a therapy might be considered, don´t know what to think about it.


Human nature is never confined within imaginary boundaries or country borders. Cannibalism shows up in most all species the world over and mentioning government or politics is just being silly.

Stories of human’s eating humans is not really shocking anymore. What’s shocking is how formal the arrangement was.

I hate to think of how the mass population now have ideas from this story. I’m sure this will not be the last story like this we hear.

I ask to anyone who doesn’t recommend punishment or prison if they would like to have this man as their neighbor. Imagine if this was legal, and you go over to borrow a cup of sugar and he has human parts around the kitchen. Would you borrow the sugar?
LOL, imagine if he asked to borrow some steak sauce? Would you let him?

For me, there is nothing right or acceptable about this case of cannibalism. Using healthy and living people as food should never be right or legal!

It sounds to me that you are also against euthanasia, but i wouldn’t mind that person living next to me as long as he only killed people that wished to die and as long as he didn’t bother me with ‘do you want to be next?’ then it would be okay. And i would let him borrow steak sauce as long as he didn’t contaminate the bottle.

First Impression:
Groddy! :eh:

After Reading:
OMFG! :help:

It’s hard to say which one of them needs/needed more help. Although I’d have to say the guy who wanted to be killed and eaten was ‘sicker.’ The clincher was the paragraph starting with:

"The pair had earlier partly eaten Mr Brandes’ peni. . . . " :bored:

Understandable, someone wants to die but doesn’t want to kill themselves but eating part of your own . . . . :confused: :eek:

Cannibalism I can understand.

Being in the mood for a meal after having had your penis cut off? Not so much.

eeeeeewww!! I read this and now feel sick!

They both need (well, ok the one that’s still alive does!) serious help! Can you imagine getting an e-mail saying
'Hi! I’m Meiwes! Let’s meet up and then I can stab you and eat you, after you and I devour your genitals, sound ok? Next Friday?"

uuuuhhhggg… :bored:

You know that there’ll probably be a movie made about the German Cannibal. It’s such a twisted story but to see a movie based on it would be interesting.

Yeah, but there are already the 3 hannibal movies. I wonder if people would want to see all that being done?

All I can say is What the F***. What is wrong with people. I can’t believe the guy let him cut off his one eyed willy and then they ate it. ahahahah
This kind of stuff makes a person not want to go outside. Damn Freaks

Apparently they first flambeed it and then ate it together. But they didn’t eat the whole thing because it was too salty…
Brandes definitely seems to be much sicker than Meiwes. On the process Meiwes told that Brandes wanted to do even more gruesome things than they already did, but Meiwes refused. Even Meiwes seems to have his limits…
Brandes was a computer specialist but at night he let himself be caged like a dog (SM clubs and stuff like that…). He frequently picked up male prostitutes and asked them if they wanted to bite off his penis…

This grisly story may be very shocking now, but I think in time we’ll get used to these kind of stories, because they’ll definitely happen again. It won’t be something new anymore, and partly because of the evergrowing complexity and souring of society, people will always try to expand their limits. I wonder what kind of gruesome crimes will be shocking us in fifty years or so… They’ll probably be a lot more gruesome than this case…

Yeah, i think things will only continue to go down this path just as movies have done with lowering their ratings.

How strange. I really wish they’d included the psycological part of this whole thing, like what was this guy thinking at the time, that would be really interesting. That is really … strange. :eh:

reading this reminded me of this exhibit on human condition… and the artist painted allot of pictures of men eating men and men ripping out hearts and stuff…

so maybe this is kinda a reflection of our society and how fucked up our society is?

but yeah… it would be intersting to know why these people did this… the man that wanted to be eaten must of really hated himself .

uh thats very weird i heard a flash of it on the news
but did not realise how really screwed up it is :eh: