What do you think about the reverse blinking technique?

I decided to try out the reverse blinking technique. This technique is simple - while falling asleep you open your eyes for about a second with 20 second intervals. When you fall asleep and open your eyes in a dream, you will realize you are dreaming.

I want to try it for a week. I’ve done it one day and it didn’t make me lucid, but I was near. After doing the technique I was dreaming about some worms that were able to divide. One of them was biting me and I wanted to stop it and I think I didn’t get lucid because of that. The thought that this could be a dream appeared, but after that I thought: “If it’s a dream, I wanna wake up!”. So I woke up. After I fell asleep again I dreamt about the same worms, but I was safe and the worms were attacking a woman which I don’t know.

After a while, I thought it’s a dream again, but I woke up because of the noises outside (>:(). But I still have 6 days :smile:.

So what do you think about a technique itself and its effect on me?

Thanks! :smile:

Well it definitely sounds like you’ve made some good progress :content:. Interestingly, the only use I had heard for reverse blinking before was to help keep your eyes shut. Keep trying, see if it gives you any more results!

Hm, I think I’d have to do that one laying on my side as I’d be paranoid about opening my eyes and seeing something scary! :peek:

[color=olive]Heh thats the best part.

Yes this sounds like an interesting method I should give it another try like WILD .[/color]

I haven’t seen any more results so far. I’m always very enthusiastic when I’m trying a new technique, so maybe this is why the results were good the first day. I think that this technique isn’t bad, but it may be not good for me or it needs more time. I have 4 tries left!
I hope that I will soon find the ideal technique for me. (I’m optimistic enough to think like that :smile:)

I’ve read of one great lucid dreamer who learned how to LD by trying to keep her eyes open as long as possible in the middle of the night (still blinking, though). The idea is that everytime your eyelids get heavy and close you force them open again. This will get harder and harder until you only think you opened your eyes again. Your body will have fallen asleep and you will have opened your eyes in the dream. I’m almost sure I got this to work one time, but I had to be really sleepy for it to work.

Other than that, I was going to say what Rhewin said :tongue: