What do you think of Parkour?

What do you think of Parkour? (or freerunning if you prefer that term)

Parkour in its self is hard to explain, I havent done much...yet, but I see great potential in it. To find out what it is, go look it up on Google. Its actually not an “extreme” sport as some call it. Its hardly about jumping of buildings like that. The only reason Vids show them because theyre flashy, sad really, because they give Parkour a bad name, no wait: the idiots who broke their legs or something because they imitated the videos or did things they were not ready for and it didnt work out for them, then other people hear that and think its really dangerous and then too bash it. Yet they have no idea what parkour is in itself!

I self think that it is quite a fun thing to do, although it can also be put as a disipline…I prefer fun by the way. Discuss! (owait rules told me not to say that!)

Oh, First Post! Also, I am actually trying to lurk in haters of parkour and see their reactions on it.

I train parkour. :smile:
It is fun, but parkour isnt doing flips and jumping around as you see on youtube. Its how to get as fast as possible from point A to point B.

Well, thanks for pointing that out. I know that it isnt but forgot to say it. Hows your parkour by the way? Mine? Sloppy, but I haven`t gotten my roll yet. Also, I think both subjects (PK and LDing) could fit together very well, because both require a focused mind and concetration on your actions. :smile:

Mine is ok, i know rolls, some very basic vaults and precision jumps.
I also train Judo, so that helped me a lot.

You had help then. Take it from me - starting from scratch is quite a pain. Totally unconditioned body and all, get it? :smile:

Parkour, Freerunning and tricking is a medium where I can freely express my feelings and emotions into physical movement( along with dancing and a lot of other things ) .
When I do these things I just, feel free :happy:
Unfortunately the image of parkour has been corrupted and deformed by society D:

Where I live now there isn’t many place to do parkour D:

Check out my Youtube Channel, I post my videos there :happy:

Parkour is a great type of sport that helps you to work on all the muscles all together plus it looks really cool. I mean it’s not that convenient to know for example on comparing to martial arts which you can use for self defense but still. I saw a lot of videos of David Belle who is supposed to be one of the founders of this sport, I love how he does all the stunts, like here in this video .
The only thing is that you shouldn’t start your parkour trainings until you have reached sufficient level of physical form.

I find parkour as an awesome thing though I have not practiced it much myself, but if I find a decent amount of obstacles and enough motivation to pass them I will start doing this.

Heh you read my mind. Second that^
Love parkour so much I do it in my sleep(Through dreams of course. One of many examples. ). Especially when I cant get to a good spot IRL.
But I can’t do much in tricking so it gets annoying whenever I want to express myself with a complicated kick, flip, or combo, but can’t. Time for change.
Parkour and tricking are legit remedies for a crappy day or when in a rut.
It does suck how a decent portion society frown upon it and how it can get cops involved. Heh then again they’ll only make the parkour run more fun right?

I think it is awesome!
That being said, you will never see me doing it!
But I watch that stuff on youtube all the time.

I used to be really into it. For over 5 years, I trained every day. A few months ago, however, I fell into depression and have since been unable to find the motivation to continue. I’ve retreated into my dreams, and hardly ever even leave my room anymore. Both unemployed and now physically unable to do the things I used to be able to, I feel very worthless. Every day that I can’t get myself to train, I lose more of my ability. And the less capable I get, the less motivated I am to start trying to work back up to where I was again.

I always meant to get into Parkour but I guess I never really got around to it and I had no idea where to start. It’s on my list on dream goals anyway, so I’ll still get the experience of doing it without having to train for real.


Oh hey, three year old thread. What a coincidence to see you around here. :v

I’m 60 years old and used to run crazy. Parkour is gymnastics, stamina, training,guts, and great in a cityscape. Anyone saying its “Dangerous” because you might hurt yourself is probably under 40 where kids can’t even ride a bicycle without a helmet! I wish my knees would take it now. I used to run up the sides of a stucco building carrying chalk and I was always the highest mark in grade school; my knees couldnt take the landing now! Stop scaring kids! A broken arm is a life lesson…not a death sentence!