What do YOU want to do in a LD ?

Since many people are confusing the thread, ‘What is your Fav thing to do in a LD?’ with what you want to do, I created this thread. Post all the things you want to do in your LDs, it will help motivate you and others.

For now, i want to :

  • Talk to my Dog
  • Fly with wings
  • Teleport

okay i want to:

  • be the lead singer and guitarist in a rock band and be playing on stage for thousands of people :cool:
  • Meet all my favorite DCs (friends i no longer see in real life)
    -Hang out with celebrities while impressing them with superpowers
    -dream realistic locations other than familiar ones (eg, livin in australia, i would love to visit NY and fly around the city, only done something like this once, but the city didn’t have towering buildings, everything was small :content:

thats all i can think of now :smile:

One thing I have always wanted to do:

Start on the earth the second it is created (as in the second it is a round, real earth) and watch time pass at the rate of something like a year a second.

Watch the times of volcanic action, dinosaurs, animals, land development, etc…. and the largest chunk: humans.

Imagine witnessing the time cave men discovered tools or historic wars between nations, right to whatever your brain and mind imagine happens in the future.


I guess I’ll just copy what I put in the “wrong” thread. :tongue:
These are the things I want to do:

  • Put in a random CD and hear what kind of music my mind makes (and then try to remember later if it was good)
  • Watch a movie/read a book
  • Fly (I did it in my first LD a couple years ago. Amazing)
  • Eat food; primarily: cheese cake, some sort of salad or soup, and then Pad Thai
  • Re-enact my favorite computer game, or create my own
  • Walk through a random city and buy (steal) lots of stuff, then have interesting conversations with people in the local cafes
  • Draw/paint something
  • Go to a comedy club and see if the stand-up jokes are funny
  • Drive a car at a ridiculously high speed straight into a building
  • Deep-sea diving, and then sky diving
  • Sex.

I want to fly into orbit and look at the Earth.

Just chill in a harem with twenty beautiful naked hoes.

I want to fight in the Battle of Minas Tirith.

I just want to fly and make fire…or maybe a combination of the two… :ebil:

Actualy, now I want to talk to my SG. I’d normaly just talk to him while awake, but I don’t trust my brain to give me good answers anymore. I want to ask him if he minds me using his name :colgate:

As you said, people use the “Fav things to do” topic for posting what they want to do. Thus by creating this “What do YOU want to do thread”, you just create a double thread IMO. It would then be better to replace the “Fav things to do” topic title by yours and merge the both. Or is it something I haven’t understood? :confused:

Ok here’s what I would like to do. :content:

-Improve flying skills.
-Have a conversation with a DC.
-Blow up the earth and/or moon!
-Kill some people with energy weapons.
-Walk around a city causing as much chaos as possible.

Lets see now, what to do…

Things Iv’e already done:

  • Grow dragon wings
  • Fly with said dragon wings
  • Make something appear out of thin air

Things I want to do:

  • Control over the elements (Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Nature and Ice)
  • Change myself into a male
  • Change myself into a Dragon, Cat, Raven, Butterfly, Sea Snake, Snake, Wolf and More
  • Grow a tail
  • Fly some more
  • Spend many years in one dream
  • Talking to real friends
  • Talking to fake friends
  • Make my own dream world
  • Kill something

It looked longer in my head :eh:

Basilus West, I believe what the topic creator is trying to accomplish is to try and separate two significant parts of “what you do in LDs.” He feels that “Your fav thing to do in an LD” means you have had LDs before and are sharing your experiences. While this topic is “What do you want to do in an LD,” meaning what would you like to do, but have not done yet due to lack of an LD or something like that. I hope this clears it up. I believe this is what he is trying to say.

hehe i always wanted to do that, tried it once, but i couldn’t fly high enough i reached an ‘invisible ceiling’ :tongue:

I want to do the Quest!

You want to fly into space and burn to a crisp on re-entry, then? :slight_smile:

I wan’t to control reality and make the world better/worse

Do some studying of other languages possibly learning them.

Face my deepest fears that i diden’t even know i had.

Flt around destroying meteors.

I’ve always wanted to have a full scale zombie outbreak in a lucid dream. I’ve had a few little ones, but they’ve never lasted long enough to do anything.

My next goal is to become a reptile man :gni:

Here’s a list of what I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Transform into numerous animals. I’ve always wanted to know how it is like to be in a snake’s body.
  2. Use futuristic weapons. Now isn’t it awesome to fire a laser pistol or a Rail Gun?
  3. See what happens when you go inside your shadow. Who knows what can be on the other side?
  4. Go on adventures in another “world”.

1.Complete this moon’s quest
2.Make out with a guy on the beach. (Don’t ask me why)
3.Become invisible

Ooooooo. That sounds like fun! I’ll get a shotgun, and I get to kill zombies! Boom, Headshot! Thanks for the idea. :content: