what do your phosphenes look like?

Hi there! For fun I wanted to see what all of you guy’s phosphenes look like. For clarity, phosphenes are the shapes, colors and patterns you see when your eyes are closed. For example, close your eyes now and rub them. What do you see?

When I’m falling asleep and mine develope a little more, they are usually either greyish swirls, and the more developed ones are usually triangular/irregular but electric neon like colors of yellow and blue. How about yours?

After light its usually this blue, red, or green color thats a big dot and then normally I see a bunch of star-like things but they are tiny like 20000000000000 pixels that are all neon and they’re all over the place. after likr 15 minutes in WILD they seem to go very bright and they stand out a lot that must mean my HI’s are forming, I just learnt that last night can’t believe i didnt know that. :happy:

It looks like im i outer space, like stars everywhere, and then it gets warped and its really weird. Looks sort of like this: t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9 … 1op7JOXffJ 6xUytV5mBm2FyPyD except brown

I often see shapes in different colors they often look like circles & triangels or just some sort of blur :razz: sometimes i see faces, they can look surprisingly real. :razz:

When it is dark, I usually see a dark blue blob that is slowly changing directions. If I rub my eyes, get very tired, or shower in darkness for example, I can see patterns that look like warped tiles or even fractals. They are usually blue or greyish yellow.

At the very beginning, after I close my eyes right when I relax, my very first set takes the pattern of snow on a tv channel that you don’t have, like the static. But it’s a very dark grey against a pitch black backdrop.

I see lots of vibrant green, sometimes yellows and muted blues and browns too, but mostly green. They make spirally, organic looking shapes which seem to me like furled leaves, flowers, or cross-sections of plants or animals. Sometimes there are shapes I think I recognise like arrows or leaves, etc.They bob around a little and float infront and past one another. Some are brighter than others. At the edges there are occasionally very bright little dots, which linger around before moving away.
Sometimes a single colour takes over and swallows everything before it clears off and the other, delicate little shapes come back.
I’ve never paid much attention to this sensation. It’s kind of peaceful and nice.