What does a dream setting say about the dreamer?

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I have never had a reocurring dream that i can remember in my life, however, i all but one of my LD’s takes place in the same place… my house. I think it’s possible that it’s because my house is the place where i focus on doing RC’s, but i’m just wondering… does anybody else have a special place that helps them realize they’re dreaming?

I do have a recurring dream landscape that seems to show up at quite random times. When I was younger it showed up more often. I have gotten lucid in this landscape before. I believe because I had dreamed about it, I am more likely to get lucid there, since it is associated with dreaming. It also isn’t a real place or one I’ve seen in a novel, but this is a common thing in my dreams anyway.

a lot of my lucidity occurs at my house too

often it may be in the etheric to an extent, that is, you have a lot of LDs in early morning, and the state of sleep is a lot lighter, so OBE is more likely, and the mind has already done a lot of sorting out most of its issues, so you, in your bed, getting ready to have an LD, go just right to the most familiar place your mind can give you, your home.

A lot of people’s LDs occur in your house and start in your room. It’s a really easy place to think of and visualize, so it’s probably the place your subconscious goes to by default when your eyes are closed and you’re trying to think of a place. Also most FAs obviously start in your own room. Also, your own home if the place you’re most likely to realize something is wrong. You know what every little detail is supposed to be like in your house, and the slightest odd thing will make you realize you’re dreaming. In a random dreamscape, it’s easy to assume right away that you’re just in a place you’ve never visited, and you probably won’t question. All of this = a lot of LDs starting in your house, I’m willing to bet.

I always realize I’m dreaming at my house. I don’t even have to do a RC. But I do become lucid at other places. Like on a big mountain, for snowboarding when all of civilization is zombies except for 4 other people that you don’t know, and all the zombies are trying to kill you.

Oh yeah, that too. :razz: